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Current and Former Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows


Larson DiFiori, Religious Studies
Introduction to Chinese Religions

Harry Merritt, History
HIST 398: Nations and Nationalism in Modern Europe

Benjamin Fancy, French Studies
FREN 398: Fairy Tales Past and Present

Gregory Dachner, Cognitive Science
PSY 312: Perception (for the Psychology department)


Zachary Barnett, Philosophy
Unacceptable Conclusions: Arguments against Common Sense (Epistemology)

Nicholas FriesnerReligious Studies
Love in Theory and Practice

Kathryn McBrideArchaeology
When Cultures Collide: Conflict and Interaction at the Edges of the Ancient World (History)

Benjamin SilverHealth Services Research
Introduction to Public Health: Personal Liberties vs. Societal Costs in 
Protecting the Health of Society


Ashley Bowen-Murphy, American Studies
No Shot at Immunity: Opposition to Vaccination in the United States, 1800-2015 (for the department of Public Health)

Wanda Henry, History
A Social History of Death and Dead Bodies in Early Modern Europe (for the department of History)

Ioana Jucan, Theatre Arts and Performance Studies
Beginning Directing (for the departmen of Theatre & Dance) 

Stephanie Spera, Earth, Environmental & Planetary Sciences
Climate Change: Past and Present (for the department of Physics and Astronomy)


Marius Draeger, Chemistry

Rebecca Mason, Computer Science

Laura Perille, History

Steven Swarbrick, English
Green Shakespeare (for the Department of English) 


Alexandra King, Philosophy
Epistemology (for the Department of Philosophy)

Niki Clements, Religious Studies
"Demons, Melancholy, and Madness" (for the Department of Religion)


Daniel Loss, History 


Shawna M. Hollen, Physics
"The Physics of Solids" (for the Department of Physics)

Khristina F. Gonzalez, English  
"On Vampires and Violent Vixens: The Literary and Sexual History of Making Monsters" (for the Department of English) 


Jessica Johnson, American Civilization
"U.S. Immigrant History" (for the History Department) 

Joshua Vaillancourt, Religious Studies
"Science and Religion" (for the Religion Department)


Daniel Block, English
"Eighteenth Century British Literature and the Technology of Writing" (for the English Department)

Elise Morrison, Theatre and Performance Studies
"Surveillance Society/Surveillance Art" (for Theatre/Dance Studies)

Christine Reiser, Anthropology
"Native North Americans" (for the Anthropology Department)


Erica Haskell, Music
"The Politics of Music" (for the Music Department)

Eric Larson, American Civilization
"After the 60s: Social Movements in the Americas" (for the History Department)

Sarah Wald, American Civilization
"U.S. Nature Writing" (for the English Department)


Theresa DiDonato, Psychology
"Social Psychology" (for the Psychology Department)

Gill Frank, American Civilization
"The History of Sexuality in the Twentieth Century" (for the History Department)

Dan Ullucci, Religious Studies
"The Historical Jesus" (for the Religion Department)


Claudia Esposito, French Studies
"Introduction to Francophone Literature: Postcolonial Encounters" (for the French Studies Department)

Pilapa Esara, Anthropology
"Globalization and Social Changes in Southeast Asia" (for the Anthropology/Asian Studies Departments)

Shawn Greenlee, Music
"Computers and Music" (for the Music Department)


Teresa Celada, Philosophy 
"Applied Ethics" (for the Philosophy department)

Jennifer Feather, English
First-Year Seminar - "Self-Fashioning, Then and Now: Gender and Race in Renaissance Literature and Popular Culture" (for the English department)

Benjamin Hutz, Mathematics
"Multivariable Calculus" (for the Mathematics & Computer Science department)

Keeley Schell, Classics
"Epic in Translation" (for the Classics department)


Celeste Sullivan, Anthropology
"Islam: Faith and Practice" (for the Religion department)

Amy Vines, English
"Heroes in Medieval Romance" (for the English department)

Susanne Wiedemann, American Civilization
"The Holocaust in American Literature and Culture" (for the English department)