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The Academy in Context

The Academy in Context aims to foster a stronger sense of community among Brown's graduate students. The dinner-seminar series provides a venue for meaningful interactions and discussion on topics of interest across disciplines, typically concerning ethics.

Prior events have featured speakers on a wide range of topics, including: tensions between diversity goals; the relationship between theoretical perspectives and questions of truth and evidence; computers and human values; discerning right from wrong in the context of institutional culture; science and superstitions; and the intersections between government policy making and the scientific community.

The Graduate School launched this series in 2005, in partnership with the Office of Campus Life and the Graduate Student Council. In 2006, the Graduate School received a grant from the National Science Foundation and the Council of Graduate Schools to promote ethics training of graduate students, which helped to support departmental training, interdisciplinary workshops, a cross-sciences breakfast roundtable and this series. The Graduate School now sponsors up to two dinner-seminars per academic year.

If you have questions about the series or would like to make suggestions for future topics or speakers, please contact the Graduate School.

Spring 2019 Event: Bjorn Sandstede and Roger Blumberg are the featured speakers for the Tuesday, March 12, 2019, Academy in Context dinner-seminar on Bias and Transparency in Contemporary Data Science. Sandstede is a Professor of Applied Mathematics and Director of the Data Science Initiative; Blumberg is an Adjunct Lecturer in Data Science. Register to attend.

Schedule information for previous years.