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Admitted Students Guide: About the Graduate School

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Welcome to Brown!

We look forward to meeting you and your fellow students from around the world at our Orientation for New Students on September 1, 2017.

The most comprehensive and up-to-date sources of information about the Graduate School are here on our website and in the Graduate School Handbook. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed by this guide or the website, please email us at

Social Media
The Graduate School is on Twitter @BrownGradSchool, which features fellowship news and articles for graduate students, and has a Facebook page with student news and events.

Directors of Graduate Study
Every department or program offering a graduate-level degree at the University has a director of graduate study (DGS). A DGS is a faculty member who acts as the primary liaison between a program’s graduate students and the Graduate School. DGSs are responsible for all graduate-student issues in their respective programs. DGSs are expected to send annual updates to graduate students informing them of their academic standing and progress and are the primary point of contact for students who need to make special requests regarding admission, appointments, leaves of absence, etc.

Graduate School Governance
The Graduate Council sets policy for the Graduate School, subject to the approval of the faculty and the Board of Fellows. Such policy includes the conditions for admission, the supervision of degree requirements, the approval process for new courses and other modifications of existing degree programs, and approval and recommendations to the faculty regarding new degree programs.

Graduate Student Council
The Graduate Student Council (GSC) congratulates you on your decision to join the Graduate School at Brown. The GSC is the official organization for graduate students of Brown University. The GSC organizes social events and free classes to bring people across departments into contact with one another. To support graduate academic life, the GSC offers financial support for graduate student-driven events and for graduate students to attend conferences. It also serves as a forum for graduate student concerns. Every month, the GSC convenes in the Graduate Lounge to discuss issues affecting our academic and non-academic lives. The GSC acts as a liaison between graduate students and the Graduate School by bringing our concerns to the administration. As a representative body, the GSC is comprised of student representatives from every academic department, though meetings are open to all. Please contact your departmental representative for more information. The complete list of representatives is available on the GSC website.

GSC Listservs
The GSC operates several listservs for the graduate community. Students use these listservs to share important information, to solicit advice, to post items for sale or housing for rent, and to advertise the many events that happen on campus. After activating your Brown account and email ID, sign up for GSC listservs.