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Admitted Students Guide: Health Services

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Brown University Health Services
13 Brown Street
(401) 863-4111 for emergency care
(401) 863-3953 for appointments
(401) 863-1330 for medical advice
(401) 863-7882 for pharmacy
[email protected]

Health Services

Brown University Health Services provides wellness services and medical care to Brown students.  Students may make appointments with staff physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nutritionists and nurses; same day appointments are available if students call ahead. Medical advice is available 24 hours per day.  Students should call Health Services for advice on what to do if they are ill or have medical questions. BWell Health Promotion offers a wide variety of educational services for topics such as alcohol /drug use, nutrition/eating concerns, men/women’s health, and sexual health, and maintains an extensive resource center and website on a variety of topics.

Health Services records are confidential and are not released to anyone, including parents, legal guardians and faculty, without written authorization from the student.  There are a few exceptions when release of specific information without a student’s expressed consent is necessary in emergencies or is required by law. Additional information can be found on the Health Services website.

Required Health-Related Documentation

All incoming students are required to complete medical related forms before arriving on campus. Instructions for completing these forms and where to upload required documents are in the New Student Forms section on the Health Services website. For continuity of care, students with chronic, serious medical conditions should forward their medical records to Health Services. 


A pharmacy is located at Health Services that carries many prescription medications, as well as over the counter products. To fill a prescription, the pharmacy requires a written or telephone prescription from a student’s health care provider. Health Services can also transfer refills from the pharmacy that originally filled the prescription.  Students may also be seen by a provider at Health Services to obtain a prescription.

Health Services Fee

Every student is charged a Health Services Fee each semester which allows them to come to the facility for sick and well concerns. The fee allows all students to use Health Services, regardless of health insurance coverage. This is a separate charge from the Brown student health insurance fee that you may elect to waive if you have a comparable health insurance plan.

This Health Services fee covers most general medical care at Health Services, including primary care by provider staff, use of Brown University Emergency Medical Services, nursing services and 24/7 medical advice, campus-wide health promotion, Brown University Counseling & Psychological Services, and Health Services various public health functions. 

If you have questions about Health Services, please visit the website for more information, email [email protected] or call Health Services at 401-863-1330.

Health Insurance

All students must also have separate health insurance to cover services not provided by the Health Services fee (such as lab, x-ray, pharmacy and hospital expenses).  Students are automatically enrolled in the Brown Student Health Insurance Plan.  This plan is designed specifically to complement the services provided by Health Services.  However, students may waive enrollment in the Student Health Insurance Plan if they are covered by a comparable health insurance plan.   When evaluating your plan, you must verify that your plan provides adequate coverage that is accessible in the Providence area.  Students must complete an online waiver form by the deadline listed on the Office of Insurance and Purchasing Services website

International Students – It is particularly important that you verify that your insurance plan provides adequate coverage that is accessible in the Providence area before waiving the Student Health Insurance. 

For questions about health insurance, please contact the Office of Insurance and Purchasing Services website or by calling 401-863-1703.