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Admitted Students Guide: The University Bill

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Bursar's Office

Office: South Street Landing, 3rd floor
Annex: J. Walter Wilson, 2nd floor, 69 Brown Street
(401) 863-2484

Billing and Payment Information
The University Bursar is responsible for handling all student-billing questions. For information, deadlines, or forms related to tuition, billing, payment plans, and refund policies, refer to the Brown University Student Billing Guide, available on the Bursar’s website.

Billing Credits
Actual credits, authorized financial aid, and memo items on the student account reduce the balance due. Any Brown funding administered by the Graduate School and intended to reduce tuition/fee costs will appear as authorized credits on the student account statement. Authorized credits are disbursed to the students account when classes begin.

Any authorized financial aid received from a source other than the Graduate School, which has been verified to be forthcoming, is also posted as an authorized credit in advance of payment. This form of credit disburses to the student’s account when classes begin. Authorized credits include Federal Direct Stafford, PLUS, and Perkins loans. Until the student has completed all loan requirements, such as entrance counseling and completion of promissory notes, the authorized credit will not be disbursed into the student’s account. Since the time to obtain a loan approval varies with the type of loan, students are encouraged to apply for loans well in advance of student billing due dates. Loan applications submitted after the semester payment due date will not result in the waiver of late payment charges.

Memo items do not disburse to a student’s account until the student takes action to expedite payment, or resolve the issue delaying payment. Approved private student loans and installment payment plan commitments will appear as memo credits on the student’s account.

Outside scholarships known to the Office of Financial Aid can be posted as a memo credit on the student account, in advance of payment. Students should contact the to report the resource so it can be properly posted as a memo credit on the bill. Students who require an invoice to a sponsor for payment of their tuition and fees should contact the Bursar’s Office for information and instructions.

The Student Account Statement
Students are billed on a semester basis (with Health Insurance Fees billed in semester I). Payment for the fall semester is due August 1, and payment for the spring semester is due January 1. The student account statement lists the student account activity for the current semester and itemizes all charges and/or credits submitted by University departments. Students will receive an email notice when a new transaction is posted to the students account with instructions of the payment date. These items, such as loans, scholarships, or Brown funding, represent expected student aid not yet received but is allowed to reduce the student account balance due.

Electronic billing (E-Bill) is Brown University’s official method of billing. No paper statement will be sent. The student account statement for semester I is produced in late June, and for semester II is produced in mid-November. A link to the current billing statement will be sent to the student’s official Brown email address on each bill date. Students may also add alternative email addresses to have this information sent (i.e. their personal Yahoo account).  From the E-Bill and Payment website, you may:

  • View/print current and prior statements
  • Print and mail statement to others
  • Open, save as a PDF document, and email to others
  • Make payment via U.S. personal checking or saving account
  • Enroll in our Installment Payment Plan
  • Set up authorized users to view and make payment on your account
  • Add an alternative email address for which notices will be sent
  • Add your electronic refund banking information
  • View/print 1098T Education Tax Credit Benefit form
  • Receive text messages to a mobile phone when new statements are available