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Application Fee Waivers

To be eligible for a fee waiver, applicants to Brown University’s graduate programs must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents and demonstrate financial need. Permanent residents must provide proof of this status, such as a copy of their green card. Application fee waivers are not available for international applicants.

Your completed application must be submitted 14 days in advance of the program’s application deadline in order to be considered for a fee waiver. Please choose the “Request a fee waiver” option as your method of payment on the payment information page.

If your fee waiver request is approved, you will receive an email stating that your application has been submitted.  If denied,  you will receive an email notification directing you to resubmit your application with an alternate  form of payment. 

If you are applying to multiple programs, note well that each program requires a separate application fee. The Graduate School will consider a fee waiver for only one program per applicant.

To request a fee waiver, complete the Application Fee Waiver Request on the online application form. In addition, you must submit documentation that substantiates your financial hardship. Acceptable forms of documentation are FAFSA, a letter from a college/university financial aid office, receipt of GRE fee waiver, unemployment verification, or other forms that provide significant documentation of financial hardship. Do not send copies of your tax returns.

All supporting documentation for fee waiver requests should be emailed to [email protected] at least 14 days prior to the program’s application deadline. Failure to do so will result in an incomplete application and require you to resubmit your application with the appropriate payment. Please include the following information with your supporting documentation:

  • ‘Fee Waiver Materials’ in the subject line of the email
  • Your full legal name and name of the program to which you are applying.