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GRE Information

Each program at Brown University may choose to require applicants to submit their official results from the Graduate Record Examination (GRE), or not. A list of GRE requirements for individual doctoral and Master’s programs can be found on the individual program pages. The GRE General Test at home version is accepted; please visit the GRE website for more information.

For those programs which do require the GRE exam for admission, official results should be sent to the Graduate School or the School of Public Health, as detailed below. Please note, some departments also require official results of GRE Subject Tests or other supplemental materials.

The GRE reporting code for the Brown University Graduate School is 3094. (Consult the list below for departmental codes related to subject tests). 

The GRE code for the Brown University School of Public Health is 7765. Applicants to the following programs should use this code:

  • Behavioral and Social Health Sciences (doctoral or master's)
  • Biostatistics (doctoral or master's)
  • Clinical and Translational Research (master's)
  • Epidemiology (doctoral or master's)
  • Health Services Research (doctoral)
  • Public Health (master's)

Brown University Graduate School: 3094
Brown University School of Public Health: 7765 

Consult the ETS list for the appropriate department code for the GRE.