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International Applicants

Graduates of non-U.S. colleges and universities who have completed the equivalent of a U.S. bachelor's degree may apply for admission to the Brown University Graduate School. Along with the application, international applicants must provide the Graduate School with original documents or official certified copies indicating the nature and scope of their educational program. 

Brown Graduate School remains unwavering in its commitment to attracting the most talented and promising students from all countries of origin, cultures, races, religions, identities and experiences, and to cultivating an environment that ensures the free exchange of ideas and advancement of knowledge.

Brown's Office of International Student & Scholar Services provides counsel and advice to admitted international students on matters related to visas and immigration status.


Tuition (varies by program; see Bursar website): $60,944 or $6,854 - $9,168 per course for specific master's programs (2021-22 rate)
Health Services Fee: $1,006 (2021-22 rate)
Health Insurance Fee: $4,204 (2021-2022)
Student Activity Fee: $65 (2021-22 rate)
Student Recreation Fee: $68
Academic Records Fee: $100 (assessed only once)

9 months: $23,715 
12 months: $31,620

Expenses for international students for the 2021-2022 academic year at Brown vary from depending on degree and program (see Bursar website). 

Incoming doctoral students receive five years of guaranteed financial support, including a stipend, tuition remission, a health-services fee, and a health-insurance subsidy. Those requiring additional time to complete degree requirements may apply for support through the Dissertation Completion Proposal (DCP).
International students who are not awarded full financial assistance will not be granted final admission in their master's program until they provide certified proof of financial support (including travel to and from the U.S.) adequate to meet annual expenses. 

Expenses will likely be highest during the first month at Brown, while settling into lodging. To plan for these costs, please see the Financial Considerations page, which provides a guideline and web resources.  For those who will receive financial assistance, please note that the stipend checks are issued monthly and the first one comes on the last business day of September. 

International graduate students are advised to carefully consider the implications of bringing their families during the first semester of study. This time is meant for students to familiarize themselves with their surroundings, settle into their studies, and look for suitable living accommodations. Brown does not offer on-campus housing for married graduate students. To obtain permission to bring a spouse, a student must be in a position to provide additional evidence of funding of $6,780 for the spouse's support. The amount required to bring in each child is $4,776. For further information and to request issuance of a dependent document please consult the OISSS website.

Language Proficiency: TOEFL or IELTS 
Information describing the TOEFL and IELTS exams: who needs to take them, minimum scores, registration, etc. Note: the Graduate School does not accept the Duolingo English proficiency test.

English Language Training
English language training is available to incoming international students during the academic year, through a collaborative effort of the Center for Language Studies (CLS) and the Graduate School.