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Cherry and Foster Win Advising and Mentoring Awards

Professors John Cherry and Andrew Foster received 2019 Graduate School Faculty Awards for Advising and Mentoring at the University Awards Ceremony in late April.

As Director of Graduate Study and Professor of Archaeology, Classics and Anthropology, John Cherry’s nominators share that his greatest strength as an advisor comes from how much he cares about each of his students (past and present) as individuals and scholars.

“The compassion that he shows his students is well above and beyond the expectations for an academic advisor, and his actions demonstrate how much he values not just our academic and professional success, but also our happiness,” says PhD student Miriam Rothenberg.

Cherry is known for his open-door policy and his intense enthusiasm for building the next generation of archaeologists.

Andrew Foster, Social Science Research Institute Director and Professor of Economics, is a tireless and empathetic advisor who puts his students’ needs first.

“He has always been generous with his time, his insights, and his networks. With his wide-ranging research interests and skills, he can advise students with equal comfort on theory, econometrics, field work, or qualitative methods,” says former student Paul Christian ’14 PhD.

Foster’s newly implemented weekly discussion meetings were also praised by his nominators because they allow students and faculty to informally discuss their projects and gather feedback. 

This year’s recipients were chosen from over 30 nominations. Any Brown faculty member who has served as graduate advisor, trainer, or dissertation chair, unofficial or official mentor is eligible for nomination.