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Child Care Subsidy: Update

May 25, 2018

Dear Graduate Student parents,

We write to inform you of a change to the Child Care subsidy that results from our initial review of the support provided to graduate students who are parents. We are grateful for the responses to the Graduate Parent Questionnaire and other input that students have provided. Through this review, we identified the Child Care Subsidy as an area where we could make a positive change right away.

Beginning in the current fiscal year, the Office of the Provost has provided budgetary support to strengthen the Child Care subsidy. This will allow for the elimination of the sliding scale of the subsidy amount that is based on household income so that all eligible students will receive the full subsidy. Graduate students whose household adjusted gross incomes are less than or equal to $100,000 and meet other eligibility criteria will receive the full amount of $4,000 to subsidize the child care costs for legal dependents between the ages of 0 and 6 years. Students who applied at other times in the calendar year will receive the prorated full amount based on time of application.

We are pleased to be able to put this change into effect immediately for all graduate student parents who received the subsidy. Those students whose first subsidy installment was less than $2,000 will now receive a supplemental disbursement in May. September installments for continuing students will also reflect this change. Students who received the full subsidy amount will be unaffected.

Please direct questions to Associate Dean Vanessa Ryan ([email protected]) or Manager of Student Development Pam Gaddi ([email protected]).


Andrew G. Campbell
Dean of the Graduate School
Professor of Medical Science
Molecular Microbiology & Immunology
Brown University