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Emergency Loan Programs

Short-Term Loan

The Brown University Short-Term Loan Program is a zero interest loan made available to students to assist in emergencies. This fund has historically supported students experiencing cash-flow related situations where a buffer is needed immediately. After a request is approved, students must sign a Promissory Note/Acknowledgement and funds must be repaid according to those terms.

Short-Term Emergency Loans cannot assist with a student's costs of tuition, room or board. The maximum amount that can be requested is $500. If approved, the student will be directed to visit the Financial Services annex in Page-Robinson Hall (across the hall from the Brown Business Center) to complete paperwork and then to the Cashier Office to receive cash. Repayment is in 60 days. Repayment is either in cash at the Cashier Office or by check to the Cashier Office. 

A student must be on campus to be eligible, as disbursement is in person at the Cashier Office. Newly matriculated students (e.g., who are active for the Fall term) are eligible in August. 

Primary contacts: Brittany Leclerc, Operations and Enrollment Management Specialist or Maria Suarez, Associate Dean of Student Support

Campus Life, Chaplains Discretionary and 20th Century Grant Emergency Funds

The Campus Life, Chaplains Discretionary and 20th Century Grant Emergency Funds are for urgent non-academic emergency needs or crisis expenses. For example: Unanticipated health and medical care costs and copays (e.g., Injury Related, Dental, Vision), travel costs related to medical emergencies or death in immediate family, and winter clothing.

Students who apply to the Campus Life Emergency Fund must meet with Laurinda Custodio. Dean Vernicia Elie will also follow-up with all students who submit a request for support.  

Primary contact: [email protected]

Steps for Both Types of Loans

  • Apply through UFunds. Loans are listed under: Emergency Funds, Curricular & Co-curricular Gap (E-Gap) Funds.
  • Email notification of approval or denial typically comes within 48 hours, except on weekends or holidays.