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Ph.D. Funding

The Graduate School offers incoming doctoral students five years of guaranteed financial support, including a stipend, tuition remission, health-services fee, and health- and dental-insurance subsidies. This support — which may take the form of a teaching assistantship, research assistantship, fellowship, or proctorship — helps to defray the cost of tuition, and also provides a stipend to assist with living expenses during the student’s program. Doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences are guaranteed six years of support. This support can come from a variety of Brown University resources--including Graduate School funds, departmental funds, and faculty research funds--and/or external funds, as applicable.

All students entering the Graduate School with any form of financial support are required to complete an Employment Eligibility Verification Form (I-9). Please note: The I-9 cannot be completed without a valid social security number or a receipt proving that a social security number has been applied for. See additional details here

In addition to the support available through the University, applicants are urged to compete for national and foundation awards available for graduate study.

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