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Quick Facts and Figures about Sixth-Year Funding for 2017-2018

Applications by the Numbers:

  • 77 Students submitted a DCP application
  • 24 PhD programs in the Humanities and the Social Sciences were represented
  • 18 International Students applied
  • 20 Students recorded that they had received student-won external funding in previous years
  • 57 Applications for Interdisciplinary Opportunities from 36 rising 6th year students

Results by the Numbers:

  • 77 Students were fully funded (at their requested levels)
  • 75 Students received Summer Stipends (students on leave in 2016-17 were not eligible; some students received external summer stipend support)
  • 44 Students were matched by their programs
  • 17 Students received Interdisciplinary Opportunities
  • 5 Students received Deans’ Faculty Fellowships
  • 3 Students received other Brown fellowships
  • 6 Students received external fellowships (as of 03/31/17)

Funding by the Numbers:

  • $6.2M Total support of DCP students, including tuition, health, & dental
  • $1.7M Graduate School total support (excluding tuition)
  • $2.1M Total stipend support (all sources)
  • $1.3M Stipend support from the Graduate School
  • $602k Stipend support from Programs
  • $75k Stipend support from other Brown Fellowships
  • $134k Stipend support from student-won external awards