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Graduate Community Fellows & Programming 2020-2021

Health & Wellness

  • Rachel Mealy, doctoral student in Behavioral and Social Health Sciences
  • Benjamin Easton, doctoral student in Hispanic Studies

Disability Community

  • Allison Peters, master's student in Urban Education Policy
  • Laura Goldstein, master's student in Education
  • Amira Gee, master's student in Public Health

International Community

  • Sabina Stefan, doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering
  • Dmitrijs Celinskis, doctoral student in Biomedical Engineering

Race and Political Action

  • N'Kosi Oates, doctoral student in Africana Studies
  • Mysia Anderson, doctoral student in Theatre and Performance Studies

Student Veterans Community

In collaboration with Kimberly Millette, Program Director, The Office of Military-Affiliated Students

  • Jordan Ecker, doctoral student in Neuroscience