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Crisis Support

Friends are often the first to notice that a student might be experiencing significant distress. You may be concerned that a friend or acquaintance is acting strangely or seems depressed, but it may not be clear how you might be helpful. Another student may have also brought a concern to you about someone he or she knows. This page summarizes resources available to you and all students in the Brown community.

Key Contacts for Assistance:

  • For a concern about immediate harm or threat: Brown Department of Public Safety, 863-4111
  • For a concern about someone’s behavior, to consult on having action taken, or for support: the Student Support Services, weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., 863-3145; Nights and weekends – access administrator-on-call through DPS, 863-3322
  • To access counseling, to consult about a situation or for urgent contact with a Clinician-on-call, contact Counseling and Psychological Services, 863-3476.
  • For support with an academic issue:
    • For graduate students, contact a Dean in the Graduate School, 863-2600
    • As a student trying to assist another student, keep in mind that there are many resources on this campus to which you can refer a friend or acquaintance who needs help. You should never feel that you are in this alone or need to solve the problem yourself.

Find more information about how to assist in making a referral for:

You can also seek consultation for yourself or get support if you feel burdened in your helping role. You should be thinking about making a referral or directing your friend to a resource – not taking his or her problem on yourself.

If an individual’s behavior is significantly out of control, or you believe that someone’s life may be in danger, phone the Department of Public Safety (863-4111) immediately.