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International Travel Fund

The International Travel Fund provides funding for graduate student conference presentations and research studies abroad. Awards range from $200 to $1,000. Funding decisions are based on the distance of the international conference from the continental United States, the budget requested, and the availability of funding at the time the request is received by the Graduate School.

Only one award will be made per student within an award cycle (July 1 through June 30). These awards may be used in combination with other Graduate School travel awards, but are treated as funding internal to the Graduate School and therefore do not satisfy external award matching requirements that other travel awards may require.

Eligibility and Requirements
Master’s students and doctoral students in years 1 through 5 of their studies are automatically eligible to apply for the international travel fund award.

Doctoral students in the sixth year are also eligible but are required to have a letter of support from the Director of Graduate Studies of the home program, in addition to the international travel fund application.

Post-doctoral fellows also may apply for a limited number of awards each quarter. Applications must include a letter of support from the primary advisor.

All applications require proof of presentation at a conference or research summary for research travel, and a brief budget summary. 

International Travel Fund Application

The Graduate School must receive completed applications at least one month prior to travel. Note: You do not need to seek a Graduate School signature for the form; if your request is approved, that signature will be added and a copy will be returned to you.