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Brown Health & Dental Insurance Guidance for Postdocs

Information for those receiving a monthly stipend and participating in Brown University’s health and/or dental insurance plan.

As you complete the Benefits enrollment section in Workday (Brown’s payroll system) you will see that the monthly payment for health and/or dental coverage is the full premium amount. This amount is correct but keep in mind that you are receiving a monthly medical subsidy*. This is not your actual health and/or dental premium contribution.

1.) Calculating Your Actual Premium Contribution:
Your actual premium contribution is determined using two different components.

  • The monthly full premium deduction – your status with Brown University is non-employee and you therefore are eligible to participate in Brown’s health/dental group plans at full premium.
  • The medical subsidy paid to you in your pay check – this amount is calculated using your annual salary and the salary sliding scale rate on the Rate Sheet for Faculty and Staff.

2.) Calculating Your Medical Subsidy Amount:

  • For example, your annual salary on your appointment letter from the Office of the Dean of the Faculty or the Office of Graduate & Postdoctoral Studies in BioMed is $52,000.00. Go to the Rate Sheet for Faculty and Staff and look for the Salary section in the Monthly Health Insurance Contributions for Faculty & Staff Working 1300+ hrs/yr.
  • You will see that with an annual salary of $52,000.00 your health premium contribution for single plan coverage should be $77.32 per month.
  • You also will see that the full premium amount for single plan coverage is $618.52 per month. This amount is what you will see when you elect your coverage in Workday and what will be deducted from your paycheck. However it is not your actual health premium contribution.
  • Now take what you should pay per month ($77.32) and subtract that from the monthly full premium amount ($618.52) to arrive at your medical subsidy amount paid to you in your pay check. The amount you should see in your pay check is $541.20.

3.) End Result:

Using the above example, your monthly health premium contribution for single plan coverage is $77.32.
Your monthly medical subsidy paid to you in your pay check is $541.20.

Important Tips:

  • The medical subsidy payment is identified as Health Supplement Postdoc in your paycheck.
  • Carefully review your paycheck to make sure the medical subsidy has been included.
  • Once you have enrolled in health and/or dental insurance make sure you’ve informed your department manager so that the medical subsidy can be applied as quickly as possible.
  • If you’ve elected dental coverage your subsidy will begin after 3 months.

If you have any questions related to medical subsidies please contact your academic department manager.

*Note: Brown University is required to withhold taxes on your medical subsidy. Consult your tax professional for any questions regarding the tax status of health insurance payments.