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Master's Student Focus: Jillian Harvey, Public Affairs

Jillian is from Framingham, Massachusetts and graduated with a degree in Anthropology from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. 

The beginning of my year here at Brown has been exciting and eye opening. Making the switch from a work setting to an academic environment took some adjusting, but I've acclimated well.

 I most recently worked in the Autism Spectrum Center of Boston Children's Hospital and as a Youth Leader at the Brookline Teen Center. Through my work and personal experiences I witnessed the lack of access to healthcare and health education, and the educational gaps within underserved communities. Experiencing social injustices is what ultimately compelled me to pursue a Master's degree in Public Affairs. 

In the future I hope to foster positive change through public leadership and service. Being aware of social inequalities is what drives me to be a problem solver on a larger public scale. I am interested in improving education systems, healthcare education and access, and child health advocacy.