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Public Health Research Day features Brown Graduate Student Researchers

April 10, 2019
Doctoral student Jiabei Yang points to poster

Doctoral student Jiabei Yang (right) explains her research to assistant professor Patience Moyo during Brown's 20th annual Public Health Research Day. Yang was recognized for having the best doctoral student poster at the award ceremony following the poster session. Photo by David DelPoio

Every year in April, the American Public Health Association convenes National Public Health Week to share public health research and promote health and well-being in communities across the nation. And each year, Brown’s School of Public Health hosts an extensive lineup of events and conversations to celebrate the week and showcase the high-impact work of its student and faculty scholars. “National Public Health Week is an annual celebration of public health and its vital role in promoting health and well-being,” said Bess Marcus, dean of the School of Public Health and an expert in health behavior and exercise promotion. “The themes during the week — from prevention through mindfulness to the health threat posed by immigration enforcement — all seek to bring awareness to some of the urgent health issues facing the world today. Our vision for the next five years is to impact urgent health challenges and improve health equity.” Read more.