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Shamara Alhassan ’19 PhD Wins Book Prize

November 11, 2019

Shamara Alhassan ’19 PhD has been awarded the National Women's Studies Association/University of Illinois Press First Book Prize for 2019. The prize is awarded for cutting-edge intersectional feminist scholarship that offers new perspectives on issues central to women’s and gender studies; recipients receive a book contract with University of Illinois Press.

“Winning this Prize is a testament to the importance of Rastafari women's intellectual contributions to Rastafari studies, Africana studies, religious studies, and women's studies,” says Alhassan. She receives the award for her book manuscript, Re-Membering the Maternal Goddess: Rastafari Women's Intellectual History and Activism in the Pan-African World." Read more.

“My work is presented in a multimedia and eclectic way, which centers the thought of Rastafari women on a variety of topics such as Pan-Africanism, economic sovereignty, gender justice and spirituality,” Alhassan says. She explains that despite a long history of organizing, Rastafari women have been largely omitted from much of the literature on Rastafari and women's activism. 

“This award is a win for the Rastafari community,” says Alhassan and hopes that it will help increase engagement with Rastafari women's scholarship.

She will be honored on November 16 at the National Women's Studies Association conference in San Francisco, CA.