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Youn Receives American Lung Association Grant

December 11, 2019

Doctoral candidate in Health Services Research, Bora Youn, has been awarded a Lung Health Dissertation Grant from the American Lung Association to investigate a new treatment approach for advanced non-small cell lung cancer in the elderly. "This award is meaningful to me as this can be the first step of being an independent researcher," says Youn.

She will study the real-world impact of treatments such as novel chemotherapies, targeted therapies, and immunotherapies. She aims to examine the patterns of use, survival, and cost of treatments that are commonly used for advanced lung cancer patients receiving care in routine oncology practice.

She hopes to generate important evidence on the expected clinical and financial impact of common treatment options and enable patients and providers make informed decisions, and advance evidence-based cancer care.

"I am happy to help patients with lung cancer make informed decisions on their treatment choices. I would like to thank my dissertation chair professor Issa Dahabreh for helping me to prepare for this grant," says Youn.