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Initiative to expand Ph.D. student diversity in STEM graduate programs has lasting positive effects

July 8, 2021

The IMSD Seminar Series invites STEM researchers to engage in discussions with graduate students. In Fall 2011, Avery August (far right), a professor of immunology and Cornell University, visited Brown to discuss his research on the signaling of Tec kinases in innate T-cells met with IMSD students to share personal experiences, discuss career opportunities and challenges, and engage in an informal Q&A.

For more than a decade, leaders of the Initiative to Maximize Student Development at Brown University have worked not only to expand diversity among doctoral students in the University’s science, technology, engineering and math programs, but also to propel the career success of underrepresented students over the long term — in effect, increasing diversity in STEM on a much larger scale. A new study in the Journal for STEM Education Research shows that the program is doing exactly that. Read more.