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Glenn Loury to Speak at Academy in Context

Professor Glenn C. Loury will speak at the October 21 Academy in Context dinner-seminar, with a talk called: "Black Lives Matter: A New Civil Rights Movement?" He will present and lead a discussion on what he sees as shortcomings in racial-identity politics in the U.S., a host of persistent disparities requiring urgent attention, and the potential for a new direction in progressive politics. He is the Merton P.

McKelvey Wins 2015 Wise-Susman Prize

TAPS PhD student Patrick McKelvey has won the 2015 Wise-Susman Prize of the American Studies Association for his paper “Disemploying Prosthetics.” The prize goes to the best paper to be presented by a graduate student, and should reflect cross-disciplinary perspective.

PhD Student Publishes on Pre-Reptile Creature Who Walked Upright on All Fours

Wandering an arid region of the ancient supercontinent of Pangea about 260-million years ago, the pre-reptile Bunostegos akokanensis is the oldest known creature to have walked upright on all fours, according to a newly published study by Morgan Turner, doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology.

The Master Words Project

Master Words is a social media project created by and for master’s students. We give you a word and you give us a video reflecting on that word – in a way that is meaningful in your discipline. Watch the launch video and learn more. The first word in this series is: Mastery. What do you want to master? Tell us in 60 seconds or less. See some samples videos.

Convocation 2015

Graduate students walk through the Van Wickle Gates, a rite of Convocation. On the Main Green, President Christina Paxson proclaimed the opening of the academic year and welcomed all students – especially new students – to campus.  Tricia Rose, professor of Africana studies and director of the Center for the Study of Race and Ethnicity in America, offered the keynote address, "Unfinished.”

Welcome to Brown!

Graduate Student Orientation featured a welcome from President Christina Paxson and Provost Richard Locke on Friday, September 4. The Graduate School's incoming class of 778 new students includes 293 pursuing doctoral degrees and 485 entering master's programs. Orientation included dean's briefings for master's and Ph.D. students, a resource fair, a Title IX panel discussion, cookout lunch and peer-led discussions organized by the Graduate Student Council on student life at Brown.

Brown Welcomes International Graduate Students

International orientation kicked off on campus, with up to 300 incoming doctoral and master's students participating. Thirty-nine percent of the incoming graduate students are from outside the U.S. Students come from 49 countries, with the most coming from China, India, Germany, Canada and Italy. The two-day orientation for international graduate students is co-sponsored by the Graduate School, the Office of Student & Scholar Services and the Office of the Vice President for Campus Life & Student Services. 

Pigments, Organelles Persist in Fossil Feathers

A study provides multiple lines of new evidence that pigments and the microbodies that produce them can remain evident in a dinosaur fossil. In the journal Scientific Reports, an international team of paleontologists, including doctoral student in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Ryan Carney, relates the distinct chemical signature of animal pigment with physical evidence of melanosome organelles in the fossilized feathers of Anchiornis huxleyi, a bird-like dinosaur that died about 150 million years ago in China.

Global Mobility Grants for Research Abroad

The Global Mobility Program: Graduate Research Fellowship is open to doctoral students for research abroad during one summer or academic semester. The program aims to expand Brown’s global reach and projects must build upon the University’s integrative themes and yield tangible outcomes. Proposals are due September 25, 2015. Learn more.