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Modern Culture & Media Student Starts Five College Fellowship

Aniruddha Maitra was awarded the Five College Fellowship for 2012-2013, one of only four graduate students to receive this annual residential fellowship. Maitra, a Modern Culture & Media student, is at Hampshire College working on his dissertation, "Narcissism and the Scene of Reading: Towards a Global Politics of Local Aesthetics".

Paxson Greets New Students at Orientation

Graduate Student Orientation featured a welcome by Christina H. Paxson, President of Brown University, on Friday, August 31.  The Graduate School’s incoming class of 593 new students includes 271 pursuing doctoral degrees and 322 entering master’s programs. Fifty nationalities are represented in the cohort. 

Chemists Advance Clear Conductive Films

Efficient manufacture and optimized conductivity:

Chemistry graduate student Jonghun Lee is lead author of a paper demonstrating how a newly developed chemical solution is used to create a thin, conductive film that reports the best transparency and conductivity performance to date. A conductive overlay in a touch-screen display or solar panel must be clear, inexpensive and easy to manufacture. Engineers use transparent thin films of indium tin oxide (ITO) for this purpose. In the new study, Lee, along with Shouheng Sun, professor of chemistry, and other researchers at Brown and ATMI Inc.

Brown Alum Part of Team to Discover Ice on Moon

An alum of the Geophysics program, Maria Zuber, PhD '86, was part of a research team to discover the possibility of frozen water within a massive crater on the south pole of the moon. The study was conducted by scientists at MIT, Brown, and NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center; it was released in Nature and reported in an article by CNN.

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Mice have distinct system for instinctual smells

A separate subsystem for the smell of fear.:

Neuroscience graduate students Mark A. Johnson and Lulu Tsai, led by professor Gilad Barnea, conducted a series of experiments to discover that mice have a distinct neural subsystem that links the nose to the brain and is associated with instinctually important smells such as those emitted by predators.

El Zotz Masks Yield Insights into Maya Beliefs

Diablo Pyramid, north side:

Graduate students Sarah Newman, Nicholas Carter, Yeny Gutiérrez, and Boris Beltrán, working with and led by Prof. Stephen Houston, made a new discovery at the Maya archaeological site in El Zotz, Guatemala. The ornately decorated structure is topped by a temple covered in a series of masks depicting different phases of the sun, as well as deeply modeled and vibrantly painted stucco throughout.

Jabbar R. Bennett Promoted to Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Jabbar BennettJabbar BennettDean Peter M. Weber announced the promotion of Jabbar R. Bennett, PhD, to Associate Dean of the Graduate School, effective in July 2012.   Dr. Bennett continues to serve as Associate Dean for Diversity, Division of Biology and Medicine. He is the Director of the Office of Diversity and Multicultural Affairs, Division of Biology and Medicine.

Brown Will Participate in Ivy Plus STEM Symposium

On October 4-6, 2012, the inaugural Ivy Plus Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Symposium & Workshop for Diverse Scholars will take place at the University of Pennsylvania. Brown is one of ten sponsoring Graduate Schools.  The following faculty from Brown will be serving as panelists to discuss their research: Wesley Bernskoetter (Chemistry), Eric Morrow (Biology), Alberto Saal (Geological Sciences), and Agnes Kane (Pathobiology).

Maria Salciccioli is first Simmons Scholar

Incoming graduate student in the Urban Education Policy program, Maria Salciccioli, was named the first recipient of the Ruth J. Simmons Urban Education Policy Scholarship.