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President Paxson Speaks at Academy in Context

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Christina H. Paxson speaks with graduate students at the Academy in Context dinner-seminar on April 11.  Her talk, "Public Policy Responses to HIV in Africa,"  stimulated discussion at the Graduate School event.  The series is for graduate students and postdoctoral researchers, and fosters conversation on ethical issues across disciplines. 

21% of U.S. Elderly Take High-Risk Medicines

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More than one in five seniors with Medicare Advantage plans received a prescription for a potentially harmful “high-risk medication” in 2009, according to an analysis by Brown University public health researchers. The study was led by Danya Qato, a pharmacist and doctoral candidate in health services research. The questionable prescriptions were significantly more common in the Southeast United States, as well as among women and people living in relatively poor areas.

Two PhD Students to Sample Faculty Life at a College

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Alexandra King and Niki Clements will teach at Wheaton College in 2013-14, through the Graduate School’s partnership with the Norton, Massachusetts, college.  As Brown/Wheaton Faculty Fellows, the doctoral students will exercise the teaching skills modeled and cultivated at the University while experiencing faculty life at a liberal arts college.

CO2 Could Produce Valuable Chemical Cheaply

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Graduate student in chemistry, Dong Jin, is one of several researchers at Brown and Yale to demonstrate a new “enabling technology” that could use excess carbon dioxide to produce acrylate, a valuable commodity chemical involved in the manufacture of everything from polyester cloth to disposable diapers. Chemical companies churn out billions of tons of acrylate each year, usually by heating propylene, a compound derived from crude oil.

Watson Institute Graduate Fellows Program

The Watson Institute is accepting applications for the Watson Graduate Fellows Program, a pilot initiative that will continue in 2013-14. Graduate students from all disciplines (beyond their first year) doing policy relevant work in fields related to international studies are eligible. The Institute will provide office space and research funds for the year ($2,000).

Yang to Lead China Science Foundation

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Wei Yang, Ph.D. '85  in Engineering and recipient of a Brown honorary degree last May, has been named president of China’s National Natural Sciences Foundation, the nation’s top science agency. He takes the helm of an organization that last year allocated $2.8 billion to fund scientific activity.

Lunar Impacts Created Seas of Molten Rock

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A new analysis of data from NASA’s Lunar Orbiter Laser Altimeter (LOLA), led by graduate student William Vaughan, shows that molten rock may have been present on the Moon more recently and for longer periods than previously thought. Differentiation — a settling out of rock layers as liquid rock cools — would require thousands of years and a fluid rock sea at least six miles deep.

Student to Attend Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting

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 Kelly Schermerhorn, a PhD candidate in Chemistry, has been selected to attend the 63rd Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting in Lindau, Germany. The week-long meeting brings young scientists from all over the world together with the most esteemed scientists of their times. This year’s meeting, which will begin on June 30, will focus on Nobel-winning research in chemistry, with 35 Nobel laureates scheduled to attend. Schermerhorn is one of 625 undergraduate and postgraduate students from 78 countries selected to attend.