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Fischer Wins Women’s Studies Fellowship

Anne Gray Fischer is one of ten candidates to receive the Woodrow Wilson Dissertation Fellowship in Women’s Studies for 2017. The doctoral student in History will receive $5,000 toward expenses incurred while completing her dissertation, Arrestable Behavior: Women, Police Power, and the Making of Law-and-Order America, 1930-1980. Her research examines the morals policing of women as the sexual and racial politics of American cities underwent massive transformations across the twentieth century. “I am honored to be recognized by this prestigious community of scholars, and hope to one day support in turn a rising generation of students devoted to the interrogation of gender and racial power inequities,” says Fischer.

Platt Wins Pelzer Prize

Daniel Platt received the Louis Pelzer Memorial Award at the Organization of American Historians (OAH) annual meeting in New Orleans on April 8. The Brown University PhD student in American Studies won the essay competition with his piece, “The Natures of Capital: Jewish Difference and the Decline of American Usury Law, 1909-1925”, which will be published in the Journal of American History.

DCP Funding Tops $6 million

The Graduate School is pleased to announce that all 77 Dissertation Completion Proposal (DCP) requests from rising sixth-year students in the Humanities and Social Sciences for 2017-18 support were met, totaling $6.2 million. The support, which includes tuition, stipend, and health and dental insurance, has been communicated to the 77 students enrolled in 24 doctoral programs.

Dean's Office Hours: Week of April 10

For the week of April 10, Dean Andrew G. Campbell will hold office hours on Wednesday, April 12, from noon-1:00 p.m. at the School of Public Health, 121 S. Main Street, in the third floor Faculty Lounge. This is a departure from the typical schedule, which is on Monday from 2 pm to 3 pm. His office is located at Horace Mann House, at 47 George St.  

Nelson Center Offers Summer Scholars Fund

Graduate students are invited to submit proposals for the Summer Scholars Fund offered by the Jonathan M. Nelson Center for Entrepreneurship. Proposals that intersect academic disciplines and that seek to shape entrepreneurship research debates both in the United States and globally will be given priority. Funding covers the cost of one summer stipend equivalent to 20 hours per week for 12 weeks. The deadline to apply via UFunds is Friday, April 21 at 5 p.m. Learn more.

Global Mobility Fellowships for Research Abroad

The Global Mobility Fellowship is open to doctoral students for research abroad during one summer or academic semester. The program seeks to fund current research projects of exceptional value that require international research activity. Award recipients expand Brown’s global reach and will contribute to the institution’s mission of discovering, communicating, and preserving knowledge.  Applications for 2017-2018 are due by May 15. Learn more.

Student Research: Study Shows How Brain Combines Subtle Sensory Signals to Take Notice

New research in eLife explains how the developing brain learns to integrate and react to subtle but simultaneous sensory cues — sound, touch and visual — that would be ignored individually. Torrey Truszkowski, a neuroscience doctoral student, was lead author of the paper in eLife. Such “multisensory integration” (MSI) is a vital skill for young brains to develop, said the authors, because it shapes how effectively animals can make sense of their surroundings.

New Grant Extends IMSD Across All Sciences

With a new $3.3 million federal grant, Brown University will the extend the Initiative to Maximize Student Development (IMSD) to its physical sciences, engineering and mathematics departments. The program has significantly increased the diversity of doctoral students in the life sciences and supported enhanced academic achievement among the students it serves.  The new five-year award from the National Institute for General Medical Sciences, along with new funding from the Office of the Provost at Brown, will more than double the scope of IMSD. The program will now support up to 20 doctoral students a year in 21 programs instead of just eight students in the Division of Biology and Medicine and the School of Public Health, said Andrew G. Campbell, who has co-directed IMSD since its inception a decade ago and became dean of the Graduate School last year.