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Students' Landmark Project Aids Effort to Diversify Historic Sites

Graduate students secured National Historic Landmark status for a Connecticut house that was used as a Foreign Mission School from 1816 to 1827. Anni Pullagura and Sarah Dylla, two of 11 graduate students who researched and wrote a 65-page nomination of Steward's House as part of a spring 2015 course, presented it to the National Park System Advisory Board in November. The approved nomination came under the NPS's Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Initiative. Read more.

Math Model Helps Show How Zebrafish Get Their Stripes

A mathematical model developed by Brown University researchers, including doctoral student in Applied Mathematics Alexandria Volkening, is shedding new light on how zebrafish get their iconic stripes. The model helps to demonstrate how two dynamic processes—the movement of pigment cells across the skin, and the birth and death of cells as the fish grows—combine to keep zebrafish stripes in line.

PhD Students Build on Bowen's Sigma-2 Discovery

Combatting cancer:

Brown University biologist Wayne Bowen didn’t know 25 years ago what would become of his discovery of the sigma-2 receptor, which may have substantial roles in cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. But at a national meeting in Chicago last month, it was clear his work had spawned a fertile and vibrant field. Doctoral students Cheri Liu and Hilary Nicholson attended with Bowen and presented research they conducted in the Bowen lab.

Wright Wins Fulbright-Hays Award

Andrea Wright, a third-year doctoral Anthropology student, has been awarded the Fulbright-Hays Doctoral Dissertation Research Abroad Award. This award provides funding for doctoral students to conduct research outside of the U.S. for 6-12 months. Wright will be using her Fulbright to travel to Bangalore and Imphal, India for a year. She’ll be researching the processes that drive Manipuri women’s migration to Bangalore and the transformations they undergo as migrants, beauty therapy trainees, and laborers.

Holiday Food Drive, Nov. 2-20

Our eighth annual Holiday Food Drive benefits the Rhode Island Community Food Bank. We are collecting food from November 2-20, 2015. Please drop off needed canned goods, especially proteins, in the Food Bank boxes at the Graduate School, the School of Engineering, the School of Public Health, Population Studies & Training Center, the Arnold Lab or the GSC Lounge.