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Student Exhibit: ‘Memory Dishes’ exhibit traces generations of family cooking

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Memory Dishes, curated by Johanna Obenda '19 AM (Public Humanities), highlights the cooking practices of six Providence families of African descent. Videos, photos and personal stories document the families’ culinary traditions, many of which changed as they moved to the New World and began to reimagine traditional West and Central African recipes by using European and indigenous ingredients. The exhibit on display through October at Brown University’s Center for the Study of Slavery and Justice (CSSJ). Read more.

Bilingual Summer Show Directed by MFA Student Tatyana-Marie Carlo

Much Ado About Nothing photo: Actors pictured: Victor Neto, Arturo Puentes, Alfredo Antillon, Catia Ramos, Emily Rodriguez, Marcel Mascaro; front: Robelis Cruz, Ashley Soto, Lorraine Guerra.Much Ado About Nothing photo: Actors pictured: Victor Neto, Arturo Puentes, Alfredo Antillon, Catia Ramos, Emily Rodriguez, Marcel Mascaro; front: Robelis Cruz, Ashley Soto, Lorraine Guerra.Trinity Repertory Company, in partnership with Rhode Island Latino Arts (RILA), offers its fourth annual summer bilingual show directed by MFA student Tatyana-Marie Carlo. Teatro en El Verano (Theater in the Summer) is a 90-minute bilingual English-Spanish adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing (Tanta Bulla… ¿Y Pa’ Qué?). “The great thing about this show is that it’s a community project. Folks from all over Providence and beyond get together to make theater magic. During the day they could be a translator at a hospital, and in the evening, they transform into the ingénue of the play,” says Carlo. 

Graduate Students Win Fulbright Awards

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Brown is once again a leading Fulbright-producing university for the 2019-2020 academic year. Graduate students Melanie White and Keegan Cothern are among those selected this year. White is a doctoral candidate in Africana Studies who will travel to Nicaragua; Cothern is a PhD student in History who will travel to Japan. “Being awarded a Fulbright is an extreme honor and privilege that will allow me to conduct my international dissertation research in Nicaragua. I have been planning to conduct this research since my early years as an undergraduate, and it is incredibly affirming to know that the Fulbright program believes in and has decided to support my project,” says White. Read more.

Student Research: Cold weather increases the risk of fatal opioid overdoses, study finds

Cold weather snaps are followed by a marked increase in fatal opioid overdoses, a new study finds. A research team led by Brandon Marshall, an associate professor of epidemiology at Brown University’s School of Public Health, found a 25 percent increase in fatal opioid overdoses after periods of freezing temperatures compared to days with an average temperature of 52 degrees. One possibile cause is that opioid use and exposure to cold weather could combine to create a negative biological effect, said William Goedel, a doctoral student in Epidemiology, who spearheaded the analysis. Read more.

Student Research: Strange Martian mineral deposit likely sourced from volcanic explosions

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In a finding that is soon to be ground-truthed by NASA’s next Mars rover, Brown University researchers, including doctoral student Christopher Kremer, show that a Martian mineral deposit was likely formed by ashfall from ancient volcanic explosions. The research, published in the journal Geology, could help scientists assemble a timeline of volcanic activity and environmental conditions on early Mars. “This is one of the most tangible pieces of evidence yet for the idea that explosive volcanism was more common on early Mars,” said Kremer. Read more.

Master’s Awards Go to Adia, King, and Doyle

L to R: Alexander Adia, Wesley King, Kelly DoyleL to R: Alexander Adia, Wesley King, Kelly DoyleThree students will receive the Graduate School’s annual master's prizes, with Alexander Adia to be recognized for academic accomplishment; Wesley King for engaged citizenship and community service; and Kelly Doyle for professional excellence. Adia, a master's student in Public Health, will be recognized for his research on the barriers to HIV prevention, treatment, and care in Manila, Philippines. King, also a master’s student in Public Health, will be honored for his research and advocacy on behalf of LGBT health scholarship and, in particular, transgender health. Doyle, an executive master student in Healthcare Leadership, will be recognized for her Critical Challenge Project surrounding the opioid epidemic in America. Read more.

Joukowsky Awards Recognize Four Outstanding Dissertations

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The 2019 Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Awards will be awarded to Reyhan Durmaz, William Jordan, Evgenios Kornaropoulos and Florian Gunsilius as they receive their doctoral degrees from Brown University on May 26. The prizes recognize superior achievements in research by students completing the doctoral degree. This year the research topics range from writings on the lives of saints to gene activity in fruit flies and novel solutions for database security to the validity of an instrument for causal inference in observational studies in economics. Read more.

GSC Honors Two Program Staff Members

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The 2019 Wilson-DeBlois Award will honor Vanessa Ryan, Co-Deputy Dean of the Graduate School and Associate Dean of Student Development. This year, Dr. Laura Sobik, Assistant Director of Counseling and Psychological Services, wins the Bates-Clapp Award. Each year the Graduate Student Council (GSC) honors two staff members recognized by remarkable contributions to graduate students and the Graduate School. Read more.