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Open Graduate Education Students: Cohort 1

The first cohort began the Open Graduate Education program in the 2012-2013 academic year.

Sean M. Dinces ’14 PhD

PhD: American Studies
Master's: Urban Education Policy

Dissertation: Bulls Markets: Power, Place, and Professional Sport in Late Twentieth-Century Chicago

Honor: 2014 Joukowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award in the Social Sciences, Brown University

Current Position: Allan Selig Assistant Professor of American Sports History, University of Wisconsin-Madison 

Diana Dukhanova

PhD: Slavic Studies
Master’s: Religious Studies



Susan Herringer

PhD: Engineering (Materials Science)
Master’s: Archaeology and the Ancient World

Project/Dissertation Title: Engineering Material Culture

Ioana Bogdana Jucan ‘11

PhD: Theatre and Performing Arts
Master’s: Philosophy

Project/Dissertation Title:  Out of Concern: Performance Modes of Engaging with the World 


Patrick McKelvey

PhD: Theatre and Performing Arts
Master’s: Anthropology



Jie Ren

PhD: Cognitive Science
Master's: Biostatistics



Seth Thorn

PhD: Multimedia and Electronic Music Experiments
Master's: German Studies

Project/Dissertation Title: Ambience and Musical Subjectivity


Yao Zhang

PhD: Chemistry
Master’s: Computer Science