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Open Graduate Education Students: Cohort 5

The fifth cohort began the Open Graduate Education program in the 2016-2017 academic year.

David Abel

PhD: Computer Science
Master's: Philosophy



Doria Charlson

PhD: Theatre Arts and Performance Studies (TAPS)
Master's: History



Jessica Emerson

PhD: Behavioral and Social Health Sciences
Master's: Cognitive Sciences



Valeria Federici

PhD: Italian Studies
Master's: History of Art and Architecture



Margaret Geoga

PhD: Egyptology & Assyriology
Master's: Comparative Literature



Warren Harding

PhD: Africana Studies
Master's: Comparative Literature



Robert Kashow

PhD: Religious Studies
Master's: Anthropology


Yuan Liu

PhD: Chemistry
Master's: Engineering



Hannah Marshall

PhD: Anthropology
Master's: Social Analysis and Research



Miriam Rothenberg

PhD: Archaeology and the Ancient World
Master's: Earth, Environment and Planetary Sciences