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Postdoc Advisory Panel

The Postdoctoral Advisory Panel (PAP) consists of postdocs from across the entire University. These humanities, life, physical, and social scientists volunteer their time and meet bimonthly to discuss issues related to their personal and professional career development. Elizabeth O. Harrington, associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral studies in the division of Biology and Medicine (BioMed), serves as an advisor to the PAP and regularly attends meetings. The Graduate School's appointment of an advisor is pending. 

History of the Postdoc Advisory Panel
After the first Brown-wide Postdoctoral Resource and Networking event in 2007, a small group of BioMed postdocs met with Nancy Thompson, former associate dean for graduate and postdoctoral Studies in BioMed, to discuss programming and policy initiatives that could enhance the postdoc experience within the division. The input from this initial group of postdocs was extremely valuable and provided the foundation to build upon as other postdocs from the division came on board. These individuals represented their departments and help to constitute what is now known as the Postdoc Advisory Panel. The PAP has continued to expand, and in 2009, Sheila Bonde, former dean of the Graduate School, became engaged and helped to recruit new members from the humanities and physical and social sciences so that it would have University-wide representation.

How to Get Involved
You are a valued member of the Brown research community and your opinion matters. During this interim period, please contact Vanessa Ryan with any questions or concerns regarding your personal or professional development needs. You can e-mail her at

Postdoc Listserv
In an effort to encourage and facilitate communication between postdocs across the entire university, the PAP created the Postdoc Listserv in December 2009. The listserv is used to share information about academic, cultural, and social events that occur throughout the year in Providence and the surrounding areas.

To join:

  1. Click on Join or Leave POSTDOCBB
  2. Select your preferences and provide your personal info.  Please note that you must include your full name; names will be crosschecked in order to only allow postdocs access to this list. 
  3. Wait to receive an email requesting confirmation to arrive in your inbox.
  4. Click the confirmation link in the message.  Your browser will give you feedback on your request and if all goes well, your request to join the list will be sent to the list owners for approval.
  5. Once approved, you will receive two emails with details on how to post messages, how to unsubscribe and the basic guidelines for the using the list.

If you have any questions please contact Kate Duggan, BioMed postdoctoral program and data coordinator.