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Brain Science

Brown's Brain Science Program (BSP) is a unique interdisciplinary program formed to tackle one of the greatest mysteries of man.

The BSP was designed to promote collaborative theoretical and experimental study of the brain from the molecular to the behavioral and cognitive level. It unites faculty who study the fundamental mechanisms of nervous-system function and those who seek to create devices with brain-like functions that can assist mankind. The faculty are also committed to translating fundamental knowledge for the diagnosis and treatment of the devastating effects of disease and trauma of the nervous system. Brown is a leader in related research and offers exceptional training and coursework for those interested in pursuing careers in brain science. 

Completion Requirements
Sc.M.: Eight courses, including core and analytical, approved by the program's training committee; interdisciplinary thesis approved by executive committee of program.

Ph.D.: Core courses in cellular and molecular neuroscience and integrative neuroscience, one laboratory course in neuroscience or cognitive and linguistic sciences, advanced analytic courses, at least one seminar taught collaboratively by the brain science program faculty, comprehensive examination, two semesters of teaching; written dissertation proposal, dissertation.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Students should apply directly to one of the program's home departments (Applied Mathematics, Cognitive and Linguistic Sciences, Computer Science, Engineering, Neuroscience, Physics, or Psychology), and include a statement that they are interested in brain science.

GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application deadline: See home department deadlines