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Computer Science

The Department of Computer Science's master's program is suitable both for those who wish to improve their professional competence in computer science and for those who seek to prepare for further graduate study.

The program offers three different tracks (thesis, project, and coursework-only) that enable individuals to customize their studies to match their particular ambitions and experiences. Computer-science classes at Brown are taught by the same professors who have earned our department's reputation for innovative education and research. The department has expertise in a variety of areas of computer science, including algorithms and data structures, artificial intelligence, automated reasoning and planning, brain-machine interfaces, computational biology, computer security, cryptography, database management systems, distributed systems and ubiquitous computing, electronic commerce and agents, graphics and visualization, human-computer interaction, nanotechnology, natural language processing, networking, operating systems, operations research and constraint programming, programming languages, robotics and computer vision, software engineering, and stream processing.

Additional resources: The Department of Computer Science provides leading-edge computing technology to all its students. Each Sc.M. student is provided with a desktop computer and desk in a departmental office. Students also have access to compute clusters. In addition, there are six research labs: the Algorithmics Lab, the Artificial Intelligence Lab, the Graphics Lab, the Internet Lab, the Motion Capture Lab, and the Systems Lab.

Completion Requirements
Sc.M.: B or better in eight courses in Computer Science or related areas. The student can either choose the thesis/project track, in which case two of the courses represent work towards completion of the thesis/project, or the coursework-only track, in which case two of the courses must comprise an approved specialization. There are also distribution requirements. Learn more.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Applicants are expected to have a strong background in computer science or closely related subjects at the undergraduate level. Two recommendations should be from faculty who are acquainted with the applicant's academic or research qualifications.

GRE General: Recommended
GRE Subject: Not required
Financial aid: No financial aid is available
2019-2020 Tuition: $68,734

Application deadlines: Fall admission: March 15; Spring admission: October 15; Ongoing for the 5th year Master's Program