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The Brown University History Department regularly attracts high quality A.M. students, who actively participate in the department’s vibrant academic community of professional historians. The A.M. program serves three different, if sometimes overlapping, student needs:

1. Students who wish to strengthen their credentials before applying to a Ph.D. program. These students may take the same courses as first-year Ph.D. students and may write a master’s thesis.

2. High school history teachers who want to deepen their historical knowledge.

3. Students who simply want to further pursue historical subjects. Some of Brown’s undergraduate history concentrators enroll in “concurrent Bachelor’s/Master’s” or the “Fifth-year Master’s” degree programs.

In all these cases, the department offers flexibility in an attempt to accommodate their academic needs. The director of graduate studies and an additional advisor specializing in the student’s major field of interest supervise and guide each student’s work.

Additional resources: John Hay Library (rare books and manuscript collections), John Carter Brown Library (materials relating to pre-1800 Europe and Western Hemisphere), Rockefeller Library (microfilm collections, textbooks, monographs and periodicals).

Completion Requirements
Possible routes to the A.M. are:

1. Eight course credits distributed as follows: At least four credits must be at the 200 level, at least three of those four graduate credits must be fulfilled through coursework in the History department. A maximum of two of the eight credits may be taken outside the department, provided the student presents a coherent program. Students should designate a thematic, geographical, or chronological focus for their studies, at least two of the eight credits are to be fulfilled through courses in that area; a maximum of one of these two credits may be taken outside the department, subject to approval. This route will normally take one academic year.

2. Eight course credits in accordance with the distribution described above, plus the writing of an A.M. thesis. This route will normally take more than one academic year.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Writing sample strongly recommended

GRE General: Recommended
GRE Subject: Not required
Financial aid: The History Department does not offer financial aid, fellowships, teaching assistantships, or research assistantships to A.M. students.
Application deadline: January 15