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Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship

The Program in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship (PRIME) merges engineering science and design with innovation and entrepreneurship.

Students experience the process of creating value for technology, learning how to develop embryonic ideas, and how to bring them to the marketplace. During the winter or spring break, a two-week global immersion trip will be organized for all students (required). Through preparation for the trip and interactions with engineering, science, business and government leaders in a foreign country, students will gain a better understanding of the political, social and cultural dynamics that influence the business climate in different world regions. A different country will be chosen each year.

Additional resources: There is an entrepreneurship room for the PRIME students equipped with the entire necessary infrastructure to carry out class assignments and projects. The PRIME students also have access to the entire engineering user facilities to create prototypes.

Completion Requirements
The program curriculum can be accomplished in two semesters by completing the following eight courses: 

  • Business Engineering Fundamentals I & II (ENGN 2110 & 2120)
  • Engineering Management & Decision Making (ENGN 2125)
  • Innovation and Technology Management I (ENGN 2130)
  • Technology Entrepreneurship & Commercialization I & II (ENGN 2150 & 2160)
  • Global Immersion Experience and Entrepreneurship Lab (ENGN 2180)
  • One 2000-level elective from the STEM fields (must be approved by a PRIME advisor)

Any modifications of this program must be approved in advance by a PRIME advisor. Substitutions may be possible in certain cases (e.g. transfer credit, Fifth-Year master's students).

Admission Information
GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
2018-2019 Tuition: $62,400
Application deadline: February 15