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Integrative Studies

Brown University has a long tradition of creating, encouraging and fostering interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary programs. The Graduate School is open to students who propose scholarly work that crosses disciplinary boundaries and cannot be accommodated within an existing doctoral program offering a Master's degree.

It is possible to apply for permission to enroll as a Master's student pursuing integrative graduate study. The application process depends on whether the individual is already enrolled in a degree granting program at Brown, as is detailed in the Graduate School Handbook. 

It is incumbent on the individual to propose a self-designed plan of study leading to either the Master of Arts or the Master of Science. Evidence of Brown faculty support is required, per Handbook guidelines. The Graduate Council will review the completed application package for approval. 

Those interested in pursuing integrative studies as a doctoral student may learn more here.

Completion Requirements
Please see the requirements provided in the Graduate School Handbook.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Self-designed plan for a course of study leading to the Master of Arts or Master's of Science. The proposal process depends on whether the proposer is already enrolled in a degree granting program at Brown. Please see the Graduate School Handbook, which is the definitive source of information on this educational option. 

GRE General: Recommended
GRE Subject: Not required
Financial aid: None available

Application deadline: First Tuesday in April

If you have an idea for an integrative studies master's program, please contact Shayna Kessel.