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Musicology and Ethnomusicology

The Ph.D. program in Musicology and Ethnomusicology is organized around core seminars in ethnomusicology and music historiography complemented by "topics" seminars (e.g., Ethnography of Popular Music; Music and Identity; Music, Nation, and Nationalism; Modernizing Traditional Music; Musical Thinking; Music and Technoculture; Sociocultural Theory; Transnational Sounds in Theory).

Building on this core, students are encouraged to design programs suiting their goals, choosing flexibly among course offerings in the music department and in other departments/programs at Brown. The small size of the program enables students to work closely with members of the faculty in advanced scholarly studies.

Additional resources: Video and audio recording equipment (available for fieldwork), multimedia and electronic music experiments (MEME) studios, multimedia lab, Koetting Ethnomusicology Archive with world music recordings and field recording collections, the vast collection of American sheet music in the John Hay Library, Javanese gamelan, Ghanaian drumming, Old-Time String Band, and Sacred Harp Shape-Note singing.

Completion Requirements
A.M.: Eight courses, including MUSC 2000: Theory & Method in Ethnomusicology; one 1000-level ethnomusicology course focusing on a particular musical tradition or geographical area; one course credit in music performance; ANTH 2000: History of Ethnological Theory; four additional elective courses. The A.M. also requires reading knowledge of one foreign language and completion of one major research paper (normally based on fieldwork).

Students entering the program without the A.M. earn that degree as part of their progress toward the Ph.D. We do not normally encourage applicants who seek the A.M. as a terminal degree.

Ph.D.: All of the eight courses required for the A.M.; MUSC 2080E: Historiography of Music and the Performing Arts; two courses from MUSC2080 or 2090; Seminar in Ethnomusicology (various topics, repeatable for credit when the topic changes); additional elective courses (for a total of at least 18 course credits over three years of A.M./Ph.D. coursework); a second foreign language, which may be a field language; written and oral comprehensive examinations; dissertation. 

Admission Information

Application deadline: January 1