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The Physics Ph.D. program provides students with opportunities to perform independent research in some of the most current vital areas of physics. In this process, students first develop a solid and broad base of physics knowledge through our core curriculum, departmental colloquia, and training.

Upper-level courses and departmental seminar series subsequently provide more specialized exposure. Armed with the core knowledge, a graduate student joins a research group working in an area of particular interest. This research is performed in very close collaboration with one or more of our faculty, whose interests span a wide range of physics fields.

Completion Requirements
Sc.M.: Eight courses from the core group: techniques in experimental physics, classical theoretical physics, quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics, and other 2000-level courses. Up to two research courses; courses from outside the department or 1000-level courses might be substituted with permission of the department.

Ph.D.: All core courses, four advanced courses, qualifying examination, preliminary examination, faculty-supervised research, dissertation, and oral defense.

Admission Information
GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Recommended
Application deadline: January 3