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Political Science

The department of Political Science covers the four main subfields in the discipline:

1) American politics focuses on the behavior of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government; state and local politics; the influence of public opinion, interest groups, and political parties on decision-making; and issues of race and gender.

2) Comparative politics focuses on the comparative study of the behavior of governments and political institutions, non-governmental actors across the world, and on the relationships between political and economic factors in different cultures and societies.

3) International politics considers how political decisions are made in a world without a central authority above the nation-state. Recent emphases include a significant role for international law, norms, and organizations.

4) Political theory seeks to analyze both historically and philosophically the origins and underpinnings of political values.

Additional resources: A. Alfred Taubman Center for Public Policy and American Institutions, John Hazen White Sr. Public Opinion Laboratory, and the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. Brown participates in an exchange scholar program that enables graduate students to take a course or two at Harvard University.

Completion Requirements
The department does not have a separate master's program; students can earn the A.M. on the way to the Ph.D. The A.M. requires passing eight 2000-level Political Science courses with a grade of B or better.

Ph.D.: The Ph.D. requires passing thirteen graduate level courses with a grade of B or better of which at least 10 courses must be taken within the Political Science department (two may be taken from a related discipline), including Research Methods POLS2000, Statistics I POLS2580, two field proseminars (choose two of four - POLS2100 American, POLS2110 Comparative,  POLS2120 Theory, POLS2130 IR); a theory course, and Prospectus writing POLS2050 and POLS2051. Students must also pass written and oral preliminary examinations in two subfields; written and oral presentation of a dissertation proposal; and written and oral presentation of a dissertation. A minimum of two semesters as a teaching assistant is also required.

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Writing sample required

GRE General: Required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application deadline: December 18