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Portuguese-Bilingual or ESL Education and Cross-Cultural Studies

The fall 2019 application for the Portuguese-Bilingual or ESL Education and Cross-Cultural Studies program is currently closed and will reopen soon.

Portuguese-Bilingual or ESL Education and Cross-Cultural Studies is an interdisciplinary program that offers graduate level study in advanced language and bilingual education for bilingual teachers of Portuguese as well as ESL training for teachers of ESL.

This program does not provide candidates with elementary and secondary teaching certification. It does, however, offer specialization courses in second language acquisition, research, and practice. Candidates for this degree may be part-time or full-time. In the case of the former, candidates will be required to complete at least two courses per semester thereby enabling them to complete their requirements in two years.

Additional resources: Gávea-Brown Publications; editorial offices of Brasil/Brazil: A Journal of Brazilian Literature; Gávea-Brown: A Bilingual Journal of Portuguese-American Letters and Studies; and E-journal of Portuguese History; cooperation agreements with several Brazilian and Portuguese universities. Cooperation with The Education Alliance.

Completion Requirements
Eight courses plus Master’s research project

Admission Information
Admission requirements: Teaching certificate required

GRE General: Not required
GRE Subject: Not required
Application deadline: January 4