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Your First 14 Days in Providence with Quarantine Resources

We know that self-quarantining for your first two weeks in a new country and new city can be daunting, so we've put together a list of resources to help you as you settle in during your first few weeks. Please also review the Student Arrival information on the Health Brown website.

Table of Contents:

Getting to Providence from the Airport

14-Day Quarantine

If you are arriving or returning to Providence, you must follow state-mandated 14-day quarantine requirements in place for people entering Rhode Island from outside the United States and from certain states within the country. You are responsible for keeping apprised of the state directives specific to your situation and for planning your arrival and quarantine accordingly. This may include completion of a certificate of compliance with out-of-state travel quarantine and testing requirements upon arriving in Rhode Island and completion of an out-of-state travel screening form. You will not be permitted to come to campus during your own quarantine. 

Please review the information on the Healthy Brown website on how to quarantine. Please also review the additional information:

Accommodations (Short or Long Term)

Grocery and Delivery Services

There are a number of ways to have groceries delivered to your residence. Some supermarkets deliver directly and some supermarkets work with a third-party delivery company (Instacart). Please note that not all deliveries will be made on the same day as you order, so you may need to plan in advance.

  • Stop & Shop (large supermarket chain; online selection of items, placing in cart, and delivery for next available time slot or for specific times)

  • Instacart: Third-party delivery service that partners with a number of stores for delivery: 
    --Aldi (discount supermarket chain)
    Shaw’s (large national supermarket chain)
    PriceRite (large national supermarket chain)
    America’s Food Basket (Family-owned supermarket chain)
    BJ’s Wholesale Club (some grocery items, but not primarily a food store, offers also electronics, household items, and more)
    Target (some grocery items, but not primarily a food store, offers also electronics, household items, and more)
    CVS (small selection of grocery items; primarily a drugstore for toiletries; prescription orders would need to be placed directly with CVS, see below, rather than through Instacart)

  • Whole Foods (delivery only available to Amazon “Prime” members; more upscale supermarket)

  • Urban Greens (local cooperative market; curbside pickup)

  • Eastside Marketplace (affiliated with Stop & Shop; offers separate delivery services, though requires calling or emailing your order, and doesn’t offer the ability on their website to review available items and prices)

Pharmacy Delivery 

For delivery of prescription medicines, shampoo, toothpaste and other toiletries (some of the toiletries can also be ordered from grocery stores, as well, or by some of the stores listed under Household Necessities).

  • CVS Pharmacy (National pharmacy chain: Delivery is by mail, plan on around 2 days; also delivers by Instacart)
  • Greenline Apothecary (A local pharmacy; delivers with drivers)

Restaurant Delivery

There are a number of delivery services that will deliver from a number of local restaurants for an additional fee. It is customary to add a tip for the deliverer. Many services allow you to add a tip when you order; this will also allow you to do contactless delivery, allowing the delivery to be left at your door.

Restaurants that deliver (some deliver directly and some use the third-party services above). You can find reviews of restaurants and search for restaurants that deliver on Yelp. Some popular local restaurants that you can order for delivery are:

Household Necessities

We know you might need everything from toothpaste to an air mattress to pots and pans. These are just a few online resources that will deliver these items to you quickly. Be sure to check with your landlord, hotel, or airbnb host to find out the best way to get packages delivered to you.

Health and Wellness Resources

Contact Health Services immediately if you experience symptoms of COVID-19, as defined by the CDC, or receive a positive test result administered outside of Brown.

A full list of resources can be found on the Campus Life Resources website.

  • University Health Services: Students can call 401-863-3953 for questions about symptoms or health concerns or to arrange an appointment via telehealth.

  • Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS): Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) provides a range of mental health services to the Brown community, with services available for all current Brown students — undergraduate, graduate and medical — both on or near campus as well as those who will remain away from campus.
    --CAPS continues to provide services for urgent situations. In those cases, students should access one of the urgent help options immediately, including calling CAPS directly at 401-863-3476. Those who call should follow the prompts to be connected to someone who can help — this is available 24/7, every day of the year, and it can be accessed by Brown students from anywhere.

  • Student Accessibility Services: SAS coordinates and facilitates services for students with physical, psychological and learning disabilities. For new students, the department’s website includes a registration form and information about how to provide documentation. If you have any questions about documentation, please reach out by email or phone 401-863-9588 during weekday business hours. Please review their 2020 FAQ and their Graduate Student FAQ.

  • Student Support: Student Support Services deans are available to assist all students with a wide range of issues and concerns. Deans can serve as a sounding board to help students consider their options and can help connect students to the right set of resources at Brown. The Student Support Services team will continue to be available to students via phone, email, and video conferencing during weekday business hours. Please call 401-863-3145 or email [email protected] for assistance. Graduate students may also reach out to Associate Dean of Student Support, Maria Suarez, in the Graduate School.

  • Chaplains and Religious Life: The Chaplains of the University are holding the Brown community in our prayers and remain fully available to all graduate students. Please check their website for details on virtual programming and meetings. Brown community members may send requests for counsel, support, information, or prayer by email to the Chaplain of the University: [email protected]. Individual members of the OCRL team can also be reached directly at the addresses listed on their website

Finding Community

Keep Yourself Entertained