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Unionization Election Update

October 30, 2018

Dear Graduate Students,

I am forwarding the following statement on behalf of the University in response to an article published yesterday in the Brown Daily Herald. The University is still working out details for the dates, times and locations of the election to ensure that all eligible graduate students have convenient access to vote. We will communicate with all graduate students as soon as the details are confirmed. 

Andrew G. Campbell
Dean of the Graduate School


Statement from Brown University
Oct. 29, 2018

Brown stands fully committed to moving forward with a timely, fair and open election that allows eligible graduate students at the University to decide for themselves whether or not unionization is right for them.

Unfortunately, the process has been complicated not by Brown, but rather by AFT when it filed an objection on the following matters: (1) Brown’s action to provide graduate students with a mechanism to report incidents regarding conduct by University and/or union representatives that may violate the Faculty Conduct Guidelines or the Union-University Conduct Rules Pre-election Agreement signed in June 2018; and (2) the University’s decision to rescind permission granted to a specific AFT union representative to organize on campus following several complaints by graduate students about the organizer’s behavior that violated the pre-election agreement. We have sought to reconcile matters with AFT on these issues, but a conclusion has not yet been reached.

The University remains committed to ensuring an environment in which students are able to make the important decision of whether or not to unionize guided by facts and free from undue pressure and intimidation. This is a commitment that we will continue to uphold. We also continue to promote election procedures that provide access to convenient polling locations for eligible graduate students to vote. We want to be sure that every eligible voter has the opportunity to exercise their rights.

It is disappointing that after devoting many months to successfully reaching a pre-election agreement, SUGSE/AFT is resorting to misinformation about the process. As we have stated before: We have an agreement. We should all abide by the agreement and have an election that is fair, fact-driven and reflects our community standards.