Intermediate Spanish I

0300 [CRN: 24287]

This course continues to develop and strengthen students' proficiency in the Spanish language, as well as to help them increase their cultural understanding. It seeks to develop both fluency and accuracy and to teach students to express, interpret, and negotiate meaning in context. Through the exploration of themes such as the individual and the community, health issues, traveling, multiculturalism and human rights, students focus on communication and learn to appreciate cultural differences. Pre-requisite: either HISP 0200, HISP 0110, or placement: SAT II scores between 460 and 510, or Brown Placement Exam scores between 341 and 410. Students with an AP score of 3 or below must take the Brown Placement Exam. Students should check Placement and Course Description in the Undergraduate Program section of the Hispanic Studies Website. Enrollment limited to 18; 15 spaces are available for students during pre-registration. 3 spaces will be available at the start of the semester for incoming or re-admitted students who should attend the first class. Pre-enrolled students must attend the first four days of class to maintain their pre-registered status and notify the instructor in advance if they must miss any day before the 4th class when the composition of the course section is finalized. If course is full, students should sign the wait list available in Rochambeau House, 84 Prospect St., Room 117 during the pre-registration period.
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