Intermediate Spanish II

HISP 0400 S01 [CRN: 16747]

A continuation of HISP 0300. This course continues to develop and strengthen students’ linguistic, communicative, academic, and multicultural competencies. It focuses on content and language integration and creates opportunities to use the language in interdisciplinary scenarios related to diverse academic experiences. Through engaging texts, themes, and topics students will interact with a contemporary view of Hispanic cultures from an inclusive perspective. Enrollment is limited to 15. Prerequisite: HISP 0300 or placement: SAT II scores between 520 and 590 or Brown Placement Exam scores between 411 and 490. Students with an AP score of 3 or below must take the Brown Placement Exam. Students should check Placement and Course Description in the Undergraduate Program section of the Hispanic Studies Website. Pre-enrolled students must attend the first four days of class to maintain their pre-registered status and notify the instructor in advance if they must miss any day before the 4th class when the composition of the course section is finalized.
Fall 2021
Credit Hours
Maximum Enrollment
Primary Instructor
10:00 - 10:50 Mon, Wed - from Sep 8, 2021 to Dec 21, 2021
10:30 - 11:50 Tue, Thu - from Sep 8, 2021 to Dec 21, 2021
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