2015-2016 Events

2015-2016 Events:

FALL 2015

Monday, September 21
María Jesús Fuente "Contexto histórico de Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar (el Cid) y del Poema de Mio Cid"




Friday, September 25
Aníbal González "Arte y crisis en Puerto Rico: Desde El velorio (no-vela) (2010) de Antonio Martorell hasta Las Nietas de Nonó"

Monday, September 28 
Óscar Martín “Rodrigo Díaz, del hombre al mito. Textos y contextos de la primera tradición cidiana (1099-1207)”


October 19 - November 16
We are pleased to announce the screening of 5 films in the "History, Memory, and Social Justice: Recent Latin American Cinema" Series. These films will be shown every Monday at 7pm from October 19th to November 16th at the Joukowsky Forum at the Watson Institute. With films hailing from the Dominican Republic, Chile, Venezuela and more, you wont want to miss any of these intriguing films. "Latin America Cinema Series"




Thursday, October 29
A colloquium to address the intellectual history of the Law in the Hispanic World, the “narco wars” against the state, and the rights of the original populations.
Arnulf Becker Lorca;
Hernando Valencia;
Jorge Arrate



Sunday, November 1
6pm - 8pm, Machado House
All are invited to the "Día de los Muertos" event which will be held on Sunday November 1st from 6pm-8pm at Machado House.  At the event, there will be a decorated altar where you are welcome to bring photos of your loved ones, memorabilia, favorite foods, or other goods symbolizing offerings to the souls of the departed. 

This event is being organized by M.E.Ch.A de Brown in collaboration with the Hispanic Studies Department, Machado House and SOMOS.  We look forward to seeing you there.






Wednesday, November 4
Javier Uriarte, Stony Brook University, "Caras bifrontes: guerra y silencios en Lucio V. Mansilla".


Friday, November 6
Andrew Laird, Brown Humanities Initiative Visiting Professor and Warwick University (UK), "Responding to the Requerimiento: Imagined first encounters between natives and Spaniards in 16th-century Mexico".


Friday,  November 13
Una tarde de poesía.  The following 3​ Hispanic Studies graduate​ students will read and discuss their own poetry.

Berta García Faet;
Claudia Becerra;
Ethel Barja Cuyutupa.

Monday, November 16th 2015 4pm
Héctor Hoyos, Stanford University, "Punctures Paradise: Bolivian Transcultural Materiality"

Tuesday November 17
Hector Hoyos, Stanford University, "Counter-hegemonic theorizing? World literature, contemporariness, materialism"


Friday, November 20
María del Pilar Blanco, University of Oxford,
 "The Hurried World: Modernity, Martí, and the 1889 Paris Exhibition" 


Monday, February 8:
Screening of "Metegol" at Rochambeau House






Tuesday, February 9th: 
2:30pm - 4pm
, Alejandro Zambra at the McCormick Theater

Wednesday, February 10
7pm, Screening of "Vivir es fácil" at Rochambeau House




Friday, February 12
Café, té y pan dulce  at Rochambeau House 

Friday, February 12
9:30am - 6pm, 
Pembroke Hall 305
"Creole Grammatology: What Became of European Letters, Images and Memory in Colonial Latin America?" 
Gordon Whittaker, Göttingen University
Jessica Stair, University of California/Berkeley
Laura Leon Llerena, Northwestern
Tom Cummins, Harvard
Brown speakers:  
Felipe Rojas, Archaeology and the Ancient World
Andrew Laird, Classics
Nicholas Carter, Haffenreffer Museum
Iris Montero, Cogut Center for the Humanities
Kenneth Ward, John Carter Brown Library
Stephen Houston, Anthropology

Tuesday, February 16
McKinney Conference Room, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street

Talk with Argentine Writer Pablo Katchadjian, “The More the Obstacles the Greater the Glory: Thoughts about Writing” 
Co-sponsored by CLACS

Thursday, February 18
12pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House
Reading: Argentine Writer Pablo Katchadjian, “I Need You To Approve My Title” 
Co-sponsored by CLACS; lunch provided.


Monday, February 29
McKinney Conference Room at Watson Institute
Assistant Prof. Ron Briggs, Barnard College, Columbia University
"Feminism, Pedagogy, and the Social Novel in Lima (1875-1895)"

Thursday, March 3
The Music Room at Rochambeau House
Prof. Jill Kuhnheim, Brown Univerisity
"Listening to Peruvian Sound Poetry"

Friday, March 18
5:30pmAnnmary Brown Memorial, 21 Brown Street
Judith Cohen (York University, Canada) 
"Singing  Convivencia - Music in Christian, Jewish and Muslim Communities of Medieval Iberia"

Dr. Judith R. Cohen is a performer and ethnomusicologist specializing in Judeo-Spanish ("Ladino") Sephardic songs, as well as in medieval and traditional music, including Balkan, Portuguese, Yiddish, and French Canadian, pan-European balladry,and songs from Crypto-Jewish regions of the Portuguese-Spanish border.  For more details on Dr Cohen please visit: http://www.yorku.ca/judithc/MainEng.htm

Wednesday, March 23
The Music Room at Rochambeau House
Churros y Chocolate 


Tuesday, April 5
5:30pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House
Uxía & Narf 
"Baladas da Galiza imaxinaria" 

Thursday, April 7
4pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House

Book Launch: "Entre el humo y la niebla: Guerra y cultura en América Latina" 

Tuesday, April 12
10 a.m. – 8 p.m.,  McKinney Conference Room
Crash Culture: Humanities Engagements with Economic Crisis





For further information on this Conference click here

Speakers include:
Luis Moreno Caballud, Hispanic Studies, University of Pennsylvania
Sebastiaan Faber, Hispanic Studies, Oberlin College
Despina Lalaki, Social Science, New York City College of Technology, CUNY 
Konstantinos Poulis, The Press Project, Greece

Wednesday, April 13
5:30pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau
"Jorge Luis Borges and the Two World Wars" 
Efraín Kristal, University of California, Los Angeles
This event is co-sponsored by the Department of Comparative Literature and the Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies  



Thursday, April 21
4pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau 
"Tresspassers on the Hereafter: The Cemetery in Post-Soviet Cuba" 
Vicky Unruh, University of Kansas






Monday, April 25
4pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House
"El monstruo fantástico posmderno"
David Roas, Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona




Wednesday, May 4
4pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House
"Muertes del autor: narrativa hispánica y autoficción paródica"
Ana Casas, Universidad de Alcalá 
*This talk will be in Spanish 

Friday, May 6
12pm, The Music Room at Rochambeau House
"Historia intelectual de México en el siglo XX" 
Javier Garciadiego, Columbia University 
*This talk will be in Spanish