Jorge Coronado Lecture

Jorge Coronado - "Aproximaciones a la noción de lo andino"

Friday, September 19th

Lecture: 5:30PM

Rochambeau House, Music Room

Alongside the rise of nationalism in 19th century Latin America, competing notions of regionalism also appeared.  Lo andino, or the Andean, has since at least the mid-19th century served as both handmaiden and competitor to discourses of nation formation as exemplified in Bolivia, Peru, and Ecuador. This paper discusses the rise of lo andino in 19th century archeology and addresses its manifestations in 20th century visual and lettered production in order to understand its legacy in the present day.

Jorge Coronado specializes in modern Latin American and Andean literatures and cultures, with a particular interest in indigenismo, photography, and the avant-garde. His book  The Andes Imagined: Indigenismo, Society, and Modernity in the Illuminations Series at the University of Pittsburgh Press in 2009. He is currently working on The Andes Pictured: Photography and Lettered Culture, 1900-50, University of Pittsburgh Press.