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Congratulations to Felipe Martínez-Pinzón

Prof. Felipe Martínez-Pinzón was awarded the The Henry Merritt Wriston Fellowship.  This Fellowship is awarded each year to regular untenured members of the faculty (assistant professors and lecturers) who have achieved a record of excellence in teaching and scholarship during their first years at Brown. 

Congratulations to Felipe Martínez-Pinzón
Prof. Felipe Martínez-Pinzón received 
a Salomon Award to write his book "Producing the People: Sketches of Manners and Liberal Reform in Latin America".

Prof. Martínez-Pinzón, top row, 5th from the leftProf. Martínez-Pinzón, top row, 5th from the left

Congratulations to Miguel Rosas who was awarded a CLACS Fellowship through the Interdisciplinary Opportunitues in the Humanities and Social Sciences program.

2017-18  Ruth & David Kossoff Prize Winner


The Department of Hispanic Studies would like to congratulate Nicolás Campisi for winning the 2017-18 Ruth & David Kossoff Prize for Leadership in Language Teaching.  ¡Enhorabuena Nico!



Congratulations to Ian Russell 
who was selected by the Graduate Council for the Presidential Award for Excellence in Teaching 2017-18. ¡Enhorabuena Ian!


The Department of Hispanic Studies congratulates Dr. Taylor Carrington Leigh. He will be receiving his PhD at Commencement on Sunday, May 26, 2018.  ¡Felicidades Taylor! 

Congratulations to the following Hispanic Studies students who will be graduating on May 27, 2018! 

Emma J. Axelrod (Literary Arts and Hispanic Studies) 

Julia Bleier (Hispanic Studies)

Clarice E. Brough (Hispanic Studies)

Pieter C. Brower (Public Policy and Hispanic Studies) 

Victoria C. Chávez (Computer Science and Hispanic Studies)

Rakel A. Galeano (Education Studies and Hispanic Studies)

Geoffrey D. Kocks (Applied Maths-Economics and Hispanic Studies)

Alexander J. Mezoff (English and Hispanic Studies)

Samantha C. Savello (Hispanic Studies)

Hannah M. Velásquez (Economics and Hispanic Studies)

Congratulations to Claudia Becerra

Claudia Becerra Méndez was awarded the prestigious and competitive Deans’ Faculty Fellowship by the Graduate School and the Dean of the Faculty.  Claudia will be teaching her own course in Spring 19 – look out for it!  ¡Enhorabuena Claudia! 


2017-2018 Lope de Vega & Gabriela Mistral Exam

This was established in 1962 by an anonymous gift; Monetary prizes, for men and women respectively, are awarded to members of the freshman class who show excellence in secondary school preparatory work in Spanish. The examination presupposes a minimum of two years' study in a secondary school or its equivalent. Not open to native speakers or students who have studied abroad for more than one month. 


Sabrina Bajwa

Anoop Gurran
Lucas Fried