Undergraduate_Study Abroad Credit


Many students who take Spanish courses at Brown study abroad in Spain or Latin America. Students who are interested in studying abroad should go to the Study Abroad Office and inform themselves about Brown policies and existing programs overseas. Brown has many resources for students who are exploring this exciting option.


  • Students applying to the Brown program in Barcelona (through the Consortium of Advanced Studies in Barcelona) and several of the Brown-approved programs in Argentina must complete HISP600 prior to going abroad. For most other programs you need to have completed only HISP500 to study abroad. Nevertheless, we strongly advise you to consider completing HISP 600 before going abroad so that your linguistic skills are ready to meet the academic challenges of studying abroad. Generally speaking, the more you prepare beyond HISP500, the better your experience will be as a student abroad. For all available study abroad programs and their requirements, please see the Office of International Programs.
  • Hispanic Studies accepts credit from courses taken abroad. Up to four (4) courses taken abroad may be counted toward the concentrations in Hispanic Studies.
  • If you are a concentrator participating in a Brown-approved program, you only need to consult with the Concentration Advisor before you leave.
  • Concentrators participating in programs that are not approved by Brown and all students who are not Hispanic Studies concentrators must first get courses approved by the Hispanic Studies department. After their courses have been approved, concentrators will then need to see the Concentration Advisor.
  • Students who take courses outside of the purview of Hispanic Studies (literature, culture, Spanish language) in a Spanish speaking country must get approval from the appropriate department at Brown: i.e. if you take a Political Science course in Madrid, Hispanic Studies will not sign for Brown credit. The department of Political Science at Brown can help you with this. After this, you must see the Concentration Advisor for concentration credit. Don't forget to keep all your grades, papers and paperwork from your classes abroad.