pst Anil.Askin.PhD.Student.History.2nd.Year.jpgPh.D.  Student
Advisor: Beshara Doumani
Research Interests: Environmental history, animal studies, history of capitalism, history of science, political economy, early modern and modern Ottoman empire and Middle East.

My research deals with the question of animal breeds, in particular of sheep, in the making of capitalism in the Ottoman empire in the eighteenth and nineteenth century. From capital formation to disease prevention, from the trans-Atlantic trade to rural ecologies in the Ottoman Balkans and Anatolia, I bring different temporal and spatial scales into a dialogue. Methodologically, I am interested how big transitions, especially early modern to modern, can be documented and discussed by the help of granular archival details. Similarly, I seek the ways in which histories of capitalism can be written in less anthropocentric manners.