Current Students

Current PhD Students by Field

AncientEast Asia • Europe (Medieval, Early Modern, Modern) • Latin America •  Middle East • South Asia • United States


Sam Caldis
Research Interests: Late Antiquity, Roman Urban History, Epigraphy, Cultural Engagement and Exchange, Elite Identity
Primary Advisor: John Bodel

David J. Thomas
Research Interests: Greek History, Roman History, Religion and Civic Identity, Imperialism, Social History, Epigraphy
Primary Advisor: John Bodel

Atlantic World

Sherri Cummings
Research Interests: Atlantic World history in relation to Africa and African Diaspora; comparative slavery/urban slavery; intersection of gender, race, and religion in new world societies

Marley-Vincent Lindsay
Research Interests: New Spain, Empire, Digital Humanities

East Asia

Yu-chi Chang 
Research Interests: Late Imperial and Modern China, Intellectual History, Social and Cultural History, Nationalism, State-Building and Nation-Building Profile:            Primary Advisor: Rebecca Nedostup

Shiu On Chu
Research Interests: Late Imperial China, Modern China, Intellectual History, Institutional History, Book History
Primary Advisor: Cynthia Brokaw

Medieval Europe

Leland Grigoli

Research Interests: Monastic history in the high Middle Ages, paleography, codicology, and Latin philology
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Charles Carroll
Research Interests: Masculinity, Heresy, Gregorian Reform, religious culture in High Medieval France Profile
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Ayse Topaloglu
Research Interests: Italy, History of Violence and Crime
Primary Advisor: Amy Remensnyder

Early Modern Europe

Amiri Ayanna
Research Interests: Religious History of the later Middle Ages and  Early Modern Europe, Gender and Sexuality, Hagiography, Late Medieval and Early Modern Vernacular Texts, Manuscript Studies
Primary Advisor: Caroline Castiglione

Christopher Gillett
Research Interests: Early Modern Britain and Ireland, Religious HIstory, Early Modern European History, Political Crises in 17th Century Britain and Ireland
Primary Advisor: Tim Harris

Wanda S. Henry
Research Interests: Early Modern English History, History of Science, Medieval History, Religious History
Primary Advisor: Hal Cook

Talya Housman
Research Interests: Early Modern Britain and Ireland, Women and Gender, Religious and Ethnic Identity Profile
Primary Advisor: Tim Harris 

Liise Lehtsalu
Research Interests: Early Modern Italy, Women and Gender, Religious Institutions, Patronage networks Profile
Primary Advisor: Caroline Castiglione

Mayer Juni
Research Interests: Europe and the Atlantic World; cultural exchange, alterity and belonging; migrants and cultural and social boundaries
Primary Advisor: Adam Teller

Modern Europe

Filip Metro Anchidim Ani
Research Interests: Genocide, War Crimes, Holocaust, Nationalism, Ethnicity, Modernism, Literature, Poetry, Philosophy 
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Anna M. Borejsza-Wysocka
Research Interests: Inter-ethnic Relations, Minorities and the State, Modern East Central Europe especially Poland
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Amy Kerner
Research Interests: Modern European cultural and intellectual history, Modern Jewish history, and fin-de-siecle Yiddish culture in Argentina
Primary Advisor: Michael Steinberg

Harry Merritt
Research Interests: Modern Central and Eastern Europe (especially the Baltic States), Inter-ethnic Relations, Nationalism, and Collective Memory
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov 

Judith Smith
Research Interests: Modern France, Internationalism, Interethnic Relations and Nationalism, Legal History, War and Political Violence
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov

Frances Tanzer
Research Interests: Modern Germany, Jewish history, Holocaust memory, and the aesthetics of modernism, and cultural history
Primary Advisor: Omer Bartov 

Latin America

Javier Fernandez Galeano
Research Interests: Latin American and European Modern History, Gender and Sexuality, Social Movements, Political Violence, Intellectual and Cultural History
Primary Advisor: James Green and Robert Douglas Cope

Thamyris Almeida
Research Interests: 20th Century Latin America, with a focus on Brazil; gender, race, citizenship, and resistance during Brazil's military dictatorship
Primary Advisor: James Green

Sandra K. Haley
Interests: Gender, Labor in the Informal Economy, Identity, Citizenship
Primary Advisor: James Green

Justina Hwang
Research Interests: Modern Latin America, Social Revolution, Political/Diplomatic History, Cold War, Global China and Taiwan
Primary Advisor: Evelyn Hu-Dehart

Diego Luis
Research Interests: Early Spanish conquests in the Americas

Daniel McDonald
Research Interests: Modern Latin America, Twentieth-Century Brazil, Social and Political Movements, Consumption and Well-Being
Primary Advisor: James N. Green

Isadora Mota
Research Interests: Modern Latin America, 19th-Century Brazil, Comparative Slavery, American Civil War, African Diaspora, Social Movements
Primary Advisor: James Green 

Andre Pagliarini 
Research Interests: Modern Latin America, Twentieth-Century Brazil, Radical Politics, Southern Cone Dictatorships, Cold War
Primary Advisor: James Green

John (Luke) Smith
Research Interests: Modern Mexico, Mexican Revolution,  Right-Wing Movements, History of Land Use, Twentieth-Century Agrarian Reform, History of the Church, History of Religion in Latin America
Primary Advisor: James Green and Robert Douglas Cope

Middle East

Julia Gettle
Research Interests: Modern Middle East, 20th Century Levant, Arab Nationalism, Mediterranean History, Social and Cultural History, Political and Social Movements
Primary Advisor: Beshara Doumani

Zoe Griffith 
Interests: Social, Economic, and Urban History of Ottoman Egypt, Political Economy of Mediterranean Trade, Imperial Governance, Global History of Early Modernity Profile
Primary Advisor: Beshara Doumani 

Maariyah Lateef
Interests: Late Ottoman history; interactions between muftis and their communities; Islamic legal and ethical norms

South Asia 

Abhilash Medhi

Research Interests: Modern South Asia, Afghanistan, Borderlands, History of Cartography, Travel Writing
Primary Advisor: Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar

Suvaid Yaseen
Research Interests: Modern South Asia, Islam, Intellectual History, Political and Religious Movements
Primary Advisor: Vazira Fazila-Yacoobali Zamindar

United States 

Patrick Chung

Research Interests: 20th Century U.S. History, American Foreign Relations, Political Economy of East Asia, Asian American History
Primary Advisor: Naoko Shibusawa 

Anne Gray Fischer
Research Interests: Twentieth-Century U.S., Social and Political Movements, Gender and Sexuality
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Rachel Knecht
Research Interests: Early U.S. History, History of Capitalism, History of Math
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman

Brooke Lamperd
Research Interests: 20th Century U.S.; Political Economy; U.S. in the World
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Jonathan Lande
Research Interests: Democracy in the U.S.; Civil War and Reconstruction; Legal and Constitutional History; Slavery, Emancipation, and Race
Primary Advisor: Michael Vorenberg

Alicia Maggard
Research Interests: Nineteenth-Century U.S., Technology, Political Economy, and Global Integration
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman 

Les Robinson
Research Interests: Twentieth-Century U.S. history, Political Economy, Trade Policy, and Environmental Regulation
Primary Advisor: Robert Self

Heather Sanford
Research Interests: Early U.S. History, Atlantic World, Natural Knowledge Production & Exchange, History of Medicine
Primary Advisor: Linford Fisher

Simeon Simeonov
Research Interests: U.S. antebellum history in global context; state and empire building, capitalism, international relations.
Primary Advisor: Seth Rockman