Fields of Study


Nancy J. Jacobs: Colonial Africa, Southern Africa, African Environmental History, Post-Colonial Africa
Roquinaldo Ferreira: Africa, Atlantic World, Portuguese Empire.

Asia and the Middle East

Cynthia Brokaw: Late Imperial China, Empires, Cultues, and Borderlands
Beshara Doumani: Early Modern and Modern Middle East, Islamic Law and Society, Political Economy of Family and Gender, Palestine/Palestinians
Faiz Ahmed: Modern Middle East (Ottoman Empire; Iran; Afghanistan); Islamicate South Asia; Legal and Constitutional History; Migration and Diasporas

James McClain: Premodern Japan, Early Modern Japan, Japanese Urban History
Rebecca Nedostup: Premodern Japan, Early Modern Japan, Japanese Urban History
Kerry Smith: Modern Japan, Empires and Cultures
Vazira F-Y Zamindar: Modern South Asia, Social History, Refugees and Nation-states, Empires, Cultures and Borderlands, Postcolonial Studies

The Classical World

John Bodel: Roman Empire, Epigraphy, Social History of Antiquity
Jonathan Conant: Late Antiquity, Mediterranean, Early Medieval Europe

Graham Oliver: Greek History; Roman Greece; Epigraphy; Ancient Economies
Kenneth S. Sacks: Ancient Classical History, Hellenstic Intellectual History, American Transcendentalism, Classical Reception

Latin America

Robert Douglas Cope: Colonial Latin America, Atlantic History
Roquinaldo Ferreira: Africa, Atlantic World, Portuguese Empire

James N. Green: Modern Latin America, Brazil 1500 to present, Gender and Sexuality, LGBTQ History, Revolutionary Movements in the 20th Century
Evelyn Hu-Dehart: Modern Latin America, Colonial Latin America, Modern Mexico, U.S.-Mexico Borderlands, Asians in latin America/Caribbean Chinese Diaspora

Medieval and Early Modern Europe

Caroline Castiglione: Early Modern Europe, 1400-1800, Early Modern Italy, 1400-1800, European Women, Gender, and Politics, 1400-1800
Jonathan Conant: Early Medieval
Harold Cook: Early Modern Europe; History of Medicine and Science; Knowledge Networks and Information Economies; European Expansion

Tim Harris: Early Modern Britain and Ireland
Tara Nummedal: Early Modern Europe, History of Science and Medicine to 1800
Amy Remensnyder: Medieval Europe, Medieval Iberia, Experimental History
Adam Teller: Jewish History, Early Modern Europe, East Central Europe, 1600-1900

Modern Europe

Omer Bartov: Modern Germany, Human Rights/Crimes Against Humanity, Modern Genocide, Ethnic Co-Existence/Conflict in Central Europe
Mary Gluck: The City and Culture of Modernity, The Aesthetic Project of Modernity, Jewish Culture in Central Europe, Bohemian and Countercultures in Central Europe
Maud Mandel: Modern Jewish History, Modern France, Twentieth-Century Europe, Minorities, Ethnicity, and the State

Adam Teller: Modern Jewish History, The Jews of Eastern Europe until 1939, Polish-Jewish Relations.
Jo Guldi: Modern Britain since 1688, History of Technology, Urban History, Landscape History, International Political Economy in the Longue Duree, 20th century International Government and Development
Ethan Pollock: History of Russia, 1689-1861, History of Russia, 1861-present
Joan L. Richards: Modern HIstory of Science, Early Modern History of Science
Michael P. Steinberg: Please contact Prof. Steinberg

North America and the United States

Howard Chudacoff: Please contact Prof. Chudacoff
Linford Fisher: Early America, History of Religion in America, Native American History; Slavery and the Atlantic World
Françoise N. Hamlin: African American History, 20th Century U.S. History, Race, Society, Politics, and Culture in the U.S.
Steven Lubar: Public History, History of Technology/Industry
Lukas Rieppel: History of Science, 19th Century US, Museum History, and History of Capitalism.
Seth Rockman: Early America, History of Capitalism, Transnational Labor History
Robert Self: 20th Century U.S., Modern American Politics and Social Movements
Naoko Shibusawa: U.S. empire, transnational Asian American history, settler colonialism
Tracy Steffes: Modern America, History of Education, American Political History
Michael Vorenberg: Modern America, American Legal History, Comparative Race, Slavery, and Emancipation